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AD1 17 Day Adriatic Tour

17 days from Ljubljana to Dubrovnik

Adriatic Tours by Adventures Abroad: what do you get when you mix villages dripping in elegant, old world charm with mountains that fall straight…

GP1 17 Day Germany Tour, Poland & Czech Republic

17 days from Hamburg to Krakow

Tours of Poland, Czech Republic & Germany like no other!

TW4 18 Day Western Turkey Tour

18 days from Istanbul to Istanbul

On this Western Turkey Tour, we will have the chance to step inside the great Hippodrome, a massive sports stadium where the chariot races of ancient…

PL5 Poland & The Baltic States Tour

19 days from Krakow to Helsinki

Poland & Baltic States tours like no other! Eastern Europe holds numerous rewards for anyone who is not shy of adventure. Poland has an…

BK1 19 Day Balkan Tour

19 days from Belgrade to Sarajevo

Our Balkan Explorer Tour is a a very special tour designed by one of our senior Tour Leaders. We will visit seven Balkan countries in this 19-day…

CZ3 Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary Tour

21 days from Prague to Budapest

Czech Republic, Slovak Republic & Hungary tour from Adventures Abroad: We land in the heart of Europe when we touch down in the Czech Republic and…

SL3 Slovakia, Hungary & Romania Tour

21 days from Bratislava to Bucharest

If we were wanting to discover what makes Eastern Europe one of the most beautiful locations on Earth, we would be sure to take a trip to the…

CE2 21 Day Central Europe Roundup Tour

21 days from Warsaw to Prague

Combine picturesque vistas, unsettling historical discovery and exotic urban exploration in this 21 day jaunt, a gem of our Central Europe tours.…

PL9 23 Day Poland Tour & The Baltic States

23 days from Krakow to St Petersburg

Poland & The Baltic States Tour from Adventures Abroad: Not too often are we presented with the opportunity to take part in an extensive adventure to…

HU3 Romania, Hungary & Bulgaria Tour

23 days from Budapest to Sofia

Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour from Adventures Abroad: Budapest, Hungary, is the first port of call on this journey through the varied landscapes…

JHMK Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova Tour

23 days from Minsk to Kyiv

This itinerary is an expanded variation on our long-standing program (JHBU), which seeks to add a bit more variation in the "church, fortress,…

JHRE 23 Day Russia Tour & The Trans-siberian

23 days from Moscow to Vladivostok

Russia. The country conjures up so many images and stereotypes. Iconic architecture, vast Siberian forests, Soviet-esque socialist realist art,…

AD4 24 Day Adriatic Tour & Italy

24 days from Florence to Dubrovnik

Italy & The Adriatic Tour by Adventures Abroad: As one of the most atmospheric and striking cities in Italy, Florence is as rich in history and…

SL4 Slovakia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

28 days from Bratislava to Sofia

Bounties in the Slovak Republic lie copious and abundant and we need the best part of a week on our Slovakia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour to…

CZ4 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary & Romania Tour

28 days from Prague to Bucharest

Hungary, Romania, Slovak & Czech Republic Tour from Adventures Abroad: Experience the best of culture, spectacle and nature on this 28-day adventure…

JHEK Eastern Russia Tour With Kamchatka

29 days from Moscow to Petropavlovsk

Russia. The country conjures up so many images and stereotypes. Iconic architecture, vast Siberian forests, Soviet-esque socialist realist art,…

AD6 30 Day Adriatic Tour & Albania

30 days from Ljubljana to Skopje

Our Adriatic, Albania & Macedonia Tour begins in Slovenia, past glacial lakes, lush green valleys and majestic mountain ranges, and venture through…

AD9 30 Day Adriatic Tour & Italy

30 days from Rome to Dubrovnik

Italy & The Adriatic Tour by Adventures Abroad: Historical structures throughout Italy have seen extensive restoration and it's all been worth the…


More About Central And Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Tours & Central Europe Travel by Adventures Abroad: In the continual search of culture, history, scenic beauty, and quaint villages - there is no better destination than Eastern Europe. With ancient ruins around nearly every corner, snow-capped mountains with untouched forests, and friendly locals bursting into song at colourful festivals, Eastern European tours have become the choice for intrepid travellers who like elegant European charms mixed with an edgier contemporary history.

Glamorous cities with endless photo opportunities await in places such as Prague, the gothic capital of Czech Republic, a city that is often compared to Florence and Rome for its beauty and one that Goethe once called the prettiest gemstone in the crown of the world. Nearby is the UNESCO-designated historic centre of Cesky Krumlov, the baroque and gothic beauty makes it perhaps the most exquisite city in the country.

In Bucharest, Romania, it is thought to remind travellers as a 'Paris of the East.' A historically fascinating destination, Romania is home to over 2,000 fresco-brimming monasteries, dozens of picture-perfect castles and countless fortified villages. Elegant and opulent, the splendour of many eastern European capitals are apparent day or night.

Historically, each region on our Eastern European tours features a different culture with many customs unique to the region. Folkloric festivals come alive throughout the year, with religion often playing a central role in everyday traditions. Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholic, Muslim and Jewish communities add their own influences, however, pagan traditions still remain in small pockets.

In Albania, our Eastern European tours expose the intriguing contemporary culture with a fabulous collection of wondrous mosques as well as innumerable archaeological artifacts that detail almost 3,000 years of history. While in Macedonia, we have the chance to spend time exploring the World Heritage Site of Ohrid across the multi-hued, blue waters of the lake Ohrid to learn about the country's fascinating history with trips to 11th-century fortresses, centuries-old Byzantine churches and cathedrals.

There is hardly a destination more bursting in history than that of Greece or Turkey. Ancient cities, sprawling archaeological sites, rugged coastlines, impossibly blue waters and sugar white beaches, these two destinations have it all.

Moving north, in countries once behind the iron curtain, there is the chance to see regions rebuilding at a rapid pace as well as historical marvels that have remained for centuries. Take a five-kilometre journey below the Earth's surface to see some subterranean lakes in the Wieliczka Salt Mines in Poland. Wander the stone cobbled streets of Riga, Latvia, or marvel at the ancient architecture after walking along the rows of Baroque buildings in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Within the natural beauty of Eastern Europe, Slovenia is emerging as a prime spot with glacial lakes, lush green valleys and majestic mountain ranges. Nearby the 16 lakes connected in a series of cascading waterfalls, the Plitvice Lakes is sure to awe.

Whether arriving for the lessons in history, the chance to witness unique cultures come alive in folk festivals, or marvel at quaint villages in stunning locations, Eastern Europe is sure to leave an impression and the desire to return again.


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