Refer A Friend & Earn up to $5500 Travel Credits
in 2 Easy Steps

As of October 6th, 2021, if you refer a friend who has never travelled with Adventures Abroad, upon their first booking and subsequent travel you will earn a $100 travel credit toward your next Adventures Abroad tour. Please note that a cancellation of that tour by the friend will not be considered a referral. But it doesn’t stop there! If you refer a second friend who hasn’t travelled with us, you will receive a $200 travel credit once that friend books and travels on a trip. And guess what? This repeats for the 3rd friend ($300), 4th friend ($400), and onwards up to a 10th friend ($1000) which could garner you as much as a $5500 travel credit with us as these credits accumulate!


*Here is a handy chart to see how it all works:
Friend Referral Referral Travel Credit Total Accumulated Credit
Refer 1st friend
Refer 2nd friend
Refer 3rd friend
Refer 4th friend
Refer 5th friend
Refer 6th friend
Refer 7th friend
Refer 8th friend
Refer 9th friend
Refer 10th friend

Let’s take an example: You have been on an Adventures Abroad tour and you had a great time. You suggest to your friend, Ms. A, who has never been on an Adventures Abroad tour, that she would also enjoy our tours, so she signs up and informs our Sales team. You will then receive a $100 travel credit with us for future travel (provided Ms. A does not cancel her booking). You also tell Mr. and Mrs. B about us and, as a couple who had never travelled with us before, they are intrigued by your recommendation and they sign up for a tour with us. You can now “bank” a $200 (Mr. B) and $300 (Mrs. B) travel credit, provided that they go on the tour and do not cancel the booking. How much travel credit have you accumulated now? $100 (Ms. A) + $200 (Mr. B) + $300 (Mrs. B) = $600 in total travel credits. You could take this credit and apply it to your next tour (which does not have to be on the same tour as any of your referrals). You can also keep your travel credit banked until such a time that you see fit to apply it to any of your future bookings. Perhaps you know plenty of people who would like to try Adventures Abroad for the first time – you could accumulate up to $5500 in travel credits with us if you refer up to 10 new people!

PLEASE NOTE that this travel credit plan will RESET after 10 referrals. That means if you refer an 11th friend, it will reset back to a $100 travel credit, followed by $200 credit for a 12th friend, and so on as before. ALSO, please bear in mind that this is a new and exclusive offer going forward. This new program is not retroactive to previous referrals.

Please make sure your friend mentions your name at time of booking so your account can be credited. These credits have no expiry. You do not have to “spend” all of your credit on the same tour nor do your referred friends have to be all booked on the same tour. We wish to help you to help us to bring the magic of travel to more people.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

  • The ‘Refer a Friend’ travel credit will be issued in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Clients paying in either US Dollars (USD) or British Pounds (GBP) will have their travel credit converted on the day that it is redeemed from CAD into their currency at the current market exchange of the day.
  • Adventures Abroad reserves the right to cancel credits should the recommended person or people cancel their booking.
  • Refer a Friend credits can not be used towards private or custom tours.
  • Refer a Friend discounts are only available on bookings made directly with Adventures Abroad.
  • The referrals must travel for you to receive the credit. Subsequent cancelled bookings by your referrals are not valid for you to receive credit.

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