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Our experienced Tour Leaders will bring the history and culture of your destination to life, as well as ensure the smooth and safe operation of all aspects of your trip. All of our Leaders possess an amazing breadth of knowledge and love of travel; their expert guidance is a critical element of all of our tours. Below are biographies of just a few of our Tour Leaders:
Since the day I was born I have spent every day immersed in the history of my country. The great Egyptian pyramids felt like my backyard and the temples were my playground. My passion today is to show these wonders to the rest of the world. My decision to become a tour guide and tour leader came about through my desire to meet other people and learn about the rest of the world whilst teaching them about mine. I love my job and I love Egypt !
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Alastair has been leading tours for Adventures Abroad for more than 30 years, and this great array of adventures has seen him lead his way through over 100 countries! Everywhere from Albania to Yemen.
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The Travel bug bit me in my early 20's, and there has been no looking back ever since! I upped and moved from Vancouver to London in the UK where I completed my Master's in Diplomacy. The location enables me to jet off to any European destination whenever possible. I love incorporating sports travel into my itinerary, attending several World Cups and Olympics in order to be part of a truly international celebration. I tour guide in London in-between touring abroad, and love meeting new faces who are excited to see new places. Other interests: backpacking, camping, seeing animals in the wild, sports-related travel, taking my parents to new destinations, learning as many languages as possible.
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A natural logistics coordinator, Amy is always organizing trips to enjoy with her friends and family, whether it is helping them explore new sights in her home province of Nova Scotia, or taking them abroad for a new experience altogether. Amy is thrilled to continue doing this as a Tour Leader with Adventure’s Abroad. When Amy is not working, she can be found biking long distances, swimming in nearby lakes, trying new vegetarian recipes, adventuring with her favorite four-legged companion Skip, or planning her next adventure.
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Growing up in an international environment allowed me to interact with people from different cultures and learn from them. I would say that's when I became a traveler... To me, traveling is not only about the sites and highlights of a destination, it's mostly about the people and their history, about how they solve things. It's about their lives!
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Chris travels because it is the most interesting thing he can think of doing between meals. Anyone can buy a plane ticket, but helping a country come alive through its people, sights, culture, cuisine and customs is what Adventures Abroad is all about. Chris enjoys the inevitable challenges, the unforgettable moments, the warm people, the stories shared, the memories made, and every single morsel of each tour.
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After fifteen years on the road worldwide, Claude joined the Adventures Abroad team in 1998. He enjoys challenging destinations with a strong adventure factor. He shows a definite interest in landscapes, wildlife, ecology, arts, traditions and history. International friendship has always been his ultimate travel objective and personal reward.
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My introduction to tourism was working as a booking agent for one of the country's leading tour operators - making all of the arrangements prior to the arrival of the travellers. In 2010 I decided to become a tour leader. I made this life-changing decision because I was tired of office work and I really craved for the great outdoors. I wanted to show to the rest of the world that there's more to Madagascar than poverty. My country is not 'poor' - Madagascar has a fascinating history. Discussing with travellers about the early settlers in Madagascar, our Kings and Queens, our first contact with Europeans, and the history of Madagascar as an independent State - always sets me on fire. My country is not 'poor' ... it has a multi-faceted culture. As I take tourists around the country, I take pride in sharing about our rich cultural heritage from Africa, Asia and Arab countries. My country is not poor - It has a unique biodiversity. It gives me so much pleasure to show tourists how agile a lemur is jumping from tree to tree, how well camouflaged a gecko is mingling with its surrounding and how long the tongue of a chameleon is while on the hunt.
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I came from a traditional Ecuadorian family, so part of my life was spent on my grandparents’ farms. I grew up with a special respect for nature and a solid connection with the local indigenous people. This background led me into tourism as a naturalist guide and little by little I became more involved in traveling and discovering new destinations. With years of experience in different tours, I had the chance to start as a tour leader back in 2006 - exploring the wonders of South America. Whether trekking to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, traversing the otherworldly landscapes of the Atacama Desert, or delving into the vibrant cultures of the Amazon Rainforest, I am committed to providing immersive and responsible travel experiences.
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James' insatiable wanderlust is satisfied each year between seasonal jobs at home in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. In the summertime he works outdoors as a beach lifeguard and in the winter he works in an urban forest spreading holiday cheer. Happiest while outside and exploring, he is excited to have the whole world as his workplace as an International Tour Leader for Adventures Abroad.
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ndichu kimani
Back in 1995 I first started working as a fully-qualified tour guide. Over the years I have been fortunate to visit almost all of the game reserves and national parks throughout East Africa. My believe in and commitment to hard work and determination has brought me to my current role as Tour Leader, which I love with a passion.
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Jonathan has lived much of his life dedicated to the idea that he would rather have a wealth of experiences than a wealth of riches. Having taken up a nomadic lifestyle shortly after finishing his undergraduate degree, he has been on the move on and off over the last 25+ years. The wanderlust has taken him to basing himself in places such as Scotland, Australia and Uzbekistan, and to visiting many more locations around our planet. Now (sort of) settled in Vancouver with his wonderful (and patient) family, he still loves the idea of having the world as his office and always enjoys trying to capture the essence of the locations he travels and tours in with his photography.
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Growing up in small-town Nova Scotia, my love for traveling didn’t come from traveling. It actually came while attending university. Instead of studying, I’d sit for hours on my laptop staring at the Bing homepage, clicking through photos and articles of far off places, igniting a desire to one day see the world. When that day came, it was better than I could have ever imagined. From eating a delicious pastry while listening to acoustic music at Piazza della Signoria in Florence, to watching the sunset over Kotor Bay in Montenegro, to hanging out with new found friends at Oktoberfest; it just got better and better. While on the road, my perspective of how I wanted to travel changed. Travel became less about the places I went and more about the people I met. I started doing work exchanges and volunteer programs, prioritizing connections and community. I know the value of meaningful travel and love that I can bring that element to my tours with Adventures Abroad.
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Even though I´m Spanish, I have always felt I was born in the wrong place. As far back as I can recall I have been drawn to foreigners and traveling. I have a restless mind and am versatile, so I never get bored. I try to share this energy with the people that I travel with. I started to travel at a very young age, and it became an addiction that I satisfied as possible. I left my advertising career behind over 12 years ago and started to teach Spanish to students of all ages from all over the world. I started organizing my own trips to places such as Ireland, Morocco, and India, which proved so satisfying that I´m now fully embracing this path today. I love to connect with people and show them the world. I can't think of a better job!
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Lorna has been with Adventures Abroad for over 15 years, working both as a Tour Leader and a destination specialist in the office.
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Lynn grew up in an international family and has been globe trotting since diaperhood. At university, she got her first taste of the tourism industry working as a Niagara Falls tour guide and knew she was hooked. She went on to lead travel programs for international development organizations and took groups to developing countries to raise awareness of humanitarian issues. Today, Lynn has visited around 90 countries and is an avid photographer. She loves hiking, the outdoors and visiting quirky tourist sites, especially abandoned buildings with a ghost or two! Lynn is based in Madrid, Spain.
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Originally born in Germany, Marion has lived in Atlantic Canada for over 20 years, and has worked as a Tour Director since 2009. She fell in love with Nova Scotia’s South Shore while travelling throughout the Maritimes, and now lives in Lunenburg. Her favourite destination to showcase is Newfoundland & Labrador! "In spring, my husband and I like to spend time in Spain or Italy enjoying the warmer weather and indulging in the food and culture there.... I could eat pasta every day, but only if it's cooked by my husband who grew up in Italy and knows exactly how to do the real "cucina Italiana""
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For as long as I can remember I have always had a deep-rooted need to travel and discover new places. Today I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent almost three decades researching, organizing and leading tours worldwide.
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With a background in history and museums I have worked with groups and given tours for years. I love to travel, to experience the thrill of discovering a new place and to witness its differences. For me, traveling is all about the people, those connections you make with locals and fellow travellers along the way. I prefer to truly immerse myself in the culture! My feeling is that travel is one of the few things in life you can buy that truly enriches you.
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I have been passionate about travel my whole life because it allows you to immerse yourself in a different world. Travel has inspired me to pursue studies such as history, archaeology, art and art history.
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Pam spent many years working in radio broadcasting in Vancouver but decided that instead of working in order to travel, she would be much happier traveling for work. The only real difference between the two careers is that now she can tell immediately when her jokes are not funny. “Is this mic on…??”
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Peter was raised on the seven seas, cruising from port to port with his family. After visiting 50+ countries before the age of 10, he settled and grew up in Vancouver. During and after University, Peters various jobs always involved international travel, which maintained his passion for exploring the world and learning other cultures. He currently resides in South Africa with his wife and kids.
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I first started working as a safari driver-guide in Kenya over 30 years ago back in 1991. Since that time I have guided safaris in all Kenyan national parks and game reserves. I started leading tours in both Kenya and Tanzania in 2015, and my dream is to lead tours in all African countries.
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My obsession with travel began at the age of nine with a month-long family vacation to Myanmar, and since then, I've been hooked. I have constantly pursued the nomadic lifestyle by working in Japan, hiking from Canada to Mexico for 4.5 months on the Pacific Crest Trail, climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro and wandering the globe constantly looking for new experiences. When not exploring other countries, you can find me traveling around Canada in the self-converted bus I call home with my pup and partner.
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Born and raised in Deep Cove, North Vancouver - Robert took off on a world-wide sojourn in 1988 and hasn't look back. With experiences ranging from a hotel barge captain, sailor, ski and snowboard instructor, alpine hotel manager, tour leader and guide. He has explored more than 70 countries, has led tours in over 50, and has lived in several. After recently settling down back in his birthplace he now feeds his passion for adventure by spending the winters as a manager at a local ski resort, summers leading tours throughout the Rockies and spring and fall on the road with Adventures Abroad.
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After growing up abroad and spending a few years travelling through exchanges, visits to friends, work, and personal trips, tour guiding came as the natural next step. I'm a die hard history nerd, and love to discover new places, meet new people, and experience everything I can. I led my first tour for Adventures Abroad in 2007 and spent many years leading tours to locations all over the world. I now live in Central BC and guide tours part time.
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Rustem has been leading tours for more than 20 years, and he has a wealth of guiding experience in his native Turkey. When he's not on the road, you can find Rustem working as a translator for TV channels, film festivals and publishers. Over the years he has also translated several books into Turkish.
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One of our senior tour leaders, Serra has been leading tours for Adventures Abroad since 2005. She is now based in The Netherlands where she is working on a PhD in literature while doing custom tour arrangements for Adventures Abroad and leading the occasional tour.
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Sheila was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is a lifelong Haligonian. After raising two lively children she enjoyed a career as a conference & event planner, employed by contract both in the public and private sector. Many happy hours have also been spent volunteering for groups in sport, business, education and non-profit endeavors. “The common thread in my life has always been enjoying working with people. As a university student, I spent my summers showing off Atlantic Canada as a Tour Director. Being able to resume this work in my retirement is a gift!”
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Sierra's dream in life is to explore every corner of the globe. When not travelling (and also while travelling), she loves the outdoors, wildlife, and photography and spends most weekends hiking, no matter the season or weather.
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After working as a teacher in my home country, Belgium, I headed out for what was supposed to be a one-year sabbatical. Fourteen years later I find myself having learned two foreign languages, hiked up Southeast Asia’s tallest mountain, mustered cattle in Australia, volunteered in an orphanage in Guatemala, and worked as a canoe and backpacking guide in Canada’s far north. After dreaming about living in Spain for many years, I took my chances in 2022 and moved to sunny Andalusia, which now serves as my base to prepare my upcoming trips for Adventures Abroad.
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Focus on a healthy life: Balancing the 'elements' is an important thing in ones life to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. I have rediscovered walking barefoot on earth as it helps to balance the 5 elements of which we human beings are made of EARTH , WATER , SUN , AIR and SPACE. We need to continuously rejuvenate our energy.
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thokozani tk
'I started working as a nature conservationist at Mkuze Game Reserve in South Africa in 1996. In 1999 I started working as a site guide leading bird watching tours throughout the Reserve. In 2001 I began my training to become a Field/Game Ranger, and I worked for different game reserves around KwaZulu-Natal (Zululand). I later upgraded my qualifications to 'provincial guiding' as both a nature and cultural guide. In 2017 I completed my qualifications as a National Guide in South Africa. My biggest dream is to be able to travel the world, but right now the world comes to me in South Africa.
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I love the excitement of getting up each morning on a tour and not knowing exactly how a day will unfold. It keeps me on my toes so to speak, and adds a breath of excitement to each day on tour. With almost 30 years of tour leading under my belt, I thank all of you for being a part of this exciting journey.
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Also a translator, Yasemin has worked for Discovery Channel Turkey, Nippon TV and several film festivals. She has published several articles presenting an anthropological look at the confluences of medicine, medical culture, history, myth, religion and art, in Asklepios: Journal of Medical Culture, Plan B Publications, Istanbul.
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