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What People are Saying
James E.
Brights Grove, ON - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Experiential Ecuador Tour
The Galapagos snorkeling at Kicker Rock was great. The Amazon nature outings were very good - we saw a lot of flora and fauna. The Amazon outing to the local village and the 'bread making' were good. Our local leader was outstanding - personable, attentive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The local guide was very good in the Amazon. He was very keen and enthusiastic. We saw a great deal of fauna because of him. He worked hard for us to enjoy the experience. We were well fed throughout the tour. Our local leader got us to some very good restaurants. The Amazon lodge owner and company did a remarkable job of feeding us wholesome, tasty meals. Of all of our trips, Ecuador may turn out to be the most memorable. From the swims with the fishes and rays, and the walks among the tortoises on the Galapagos to the river-boating among the monkeys, butterflies and birds of the Amazon rainforest, this trip was a wonderful tour of the magnificent fauna and flora of Ecuador.
Cameron C.
St. Louis. MO - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
I had a wonderful experience with Adventures Abroad. It was my first time joining a trip like this and I'm happy to say I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Of course, the highlight of the trip was seeing all the exotic wildlife (lemurs in particular). I'm still amazed at how many species we saw. I was also impressed with how comprehensive the tour was. Madagascar is huge, and I didn't come home thinking "Well, I wish we would have seen that". I got my money's worth. It had a great balance with some trips to the little museum in Berenty, the center in Ranomafana, and Lemur Island. The guides were phenomenal. I have nothing but great things to say about all of them. They were friendly, informative, and a joy to be around. I was sad to say goodbye to our local guide. It was like saying goodbye to a friend for the last time (unless I go back).
Heidi C.
St. Louis, MO - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
Great trip, one of the most interesting places I've ever traveled to. I loved the days in Ranomofana and getting to see the operation that Patricia Wright started there. Also loved the hiking portions. The transportation used on this tour was clean and comfortable. I think we stayed in the best hotels and lodges that were available.
Danielle D.
San Antonio, TX - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
I really enjoyed the hikes, even the strenuous ones. The flora and fauna sightings were excellent. I still can’t figure out how the local guides spot some of the animals and insects like they do, but each hike was a new and exciting experience. We loved our tour leader. She was a wealth of information about the country, history, and people. I loved her excitement about the lemurs. And she could spot them like the locals too! Our local guide through the tour was absolutely the best! He was our guide, security guard, assistant, and friend all wrapped into one very kind, considerate, and professional leader. We really enjoyed his stories, anecdotes, and happy face every day.
Linda D.
Moorpark, CA - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
Lemurs! There was a magical/transcendent moment on one of our walks when the group was calling to each other that was unlike any experience I have previously had. How privileged to have that opportunity. Also, the walk into the canyon at Isalo to the "blue" and "black" pools was not to be missed. A bit of work, but for so much natural beauty! The local guides were universally knowledgeable and understandable. I thought they were excellent overall. The food was excellent. We had an experienced tour leader, she impressed me with her knowledge and her obvious love for the country visited. We had very good hotels. Another amazing voyage of discovery. Thanks Adventures Abroad!
Carol H.
De Pere, WI - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
Our local guide,who was with us the entire time, is a wonderful and delightful man with a broad smile and winning personality. We were so fortunate! He is an extremely knowledgeable naturalist with a great eye for spotting not only lemurs and chameleons, but insects and birds as well. We most enjoyed the spiny forest and Berenty Private Reserve with its leaping lemurs and inquisitive ringtails. Surreal and other-wordly, the spiny forest is unlike anything we have ever seen. Our tour leader had a great depth of knowledge, which she shared on a daily basis. She was smart, savvy, kind, always considerate, well-informed, and a person who loves the country, the people, the culture and the biology of Madagascar. Our accommodations more than met our expectations. This was an incredible journey of discovery to a place whose animals, people and landscapes are like nowhere else on earth. As biologists. this was a bucket list item for my spouse and me. Adventures Abroad did a superb job with crafting the itinerary, selecting great accommodations, arranging wonderful dinners in some fantastic restaurants, and hiring one the best tour leaders in the industry. Kudos to AA!
Patricia B.
Hacienda Heights - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
Serra is a real professional. She took care of every situation with aplomb and a sense of humor. She had a challenging group dynamic to begin with but her talk to the group did the trick and things settled down. She made everyone feel special.She always checked on the slow pokes like me and saw that an alternative plan was in place. I really enjoyed my time when the manic hikers went off into the dust.Ben and Dennis (local guides) went out of their way for us. Dennis took me to the police station to get a patch for my CHP son. He also helped me find a mask I wanted. I have asthma and am generally falling apart and Dennis kept an eye out for my welfare. Lovely men - both of them.
Brenda G.
Downers Grove, IL - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
My overall impression of the tour was a feeling that I had gained an insight and familiarity with a place rarely visited or even spoken of. Now, when I happen to see a world map, my eye goes to that little chunk of land next to Africa, and I remember the dancing lemurs, the chameleons on our night walks, and especially the hard-working, smiling people that constitute this beautiful island.
Susan D.
Highlands Ranch, CO - US
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
Bravo! Endless great memories and pictures.
Heather F.
Toronto, ON - CA
TOUR PACKAGE: Madagascar Tour
Laura is charming, friendly and outgoing. She is good with people and always had an eye on the group dynamic. She took issues in stride without making a fuss.
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