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JP1 Japan By Rail Tour

13 days from Tokyo to Hiroshima

From its humble beginnings as a small, 16th century castle town, Tokyo - or Edo as it was then known - soon became one of the planet's most populous…

JP6 Experiential Japan Tour

14 days from Tokyo to Kyoto

Our Experiential Japan tour is designed and intended for those travellers who want to directly experience Japanese culture and society, ancient and…

KR2 South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour

20 days from Seoul to Hiroshima

This highly rewarding 20-day South Korea & Japan By Rail tour kicks off in fine style in the ancient city of Seoul, Korea, which is today one of the…

JP2 Japan By Rail Tour

20 days from Tokyo to Fukuoka

On our Japan by Rail tour you will see why Japan is the quintessential study in contrast and contradiction. Japanese culture stretches back…

KR3 South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour

27 days from Seoul to Fukuoka

For almost an entire month, our South Korea & Japan By Rail tour journeys through the myriad landscapes and fascinating cultures of South Korea and…

TA6 Taiwan, South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour

34 days from Taipei to Fukuoka

Our Taiwan, South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour is a spectacular 34-day journey that includes a full South Korea land tour package, Taiwan tour package…


More About Japan

It is hard to decide what iconic image speaks to Japan's identity more. Is it the neon skylines of futuristic cities with wildly clothed locals? Or is it the serene shrines that float in a sea of cherry blossoms each spring?

One thing is certain, Japan guided tours take you to a country with incredible contrasts, where modern and traditional customs are steeped in every way of life. It is a land that is never boring with many opportunities even for the seasoned traveller.

In our portfolio of Japan guided tours, we have options that range from scenic rail journeys to experiential cultural tours. On our rail journeys, we utilize high speed bullet trains that make their way across the varied landscape found in Japan.

From the historic castle town turned metropolitan capital, Tokyo, to the timeless Kyoto and solemn memorials of Hiroshima, the landscape and dynamic cities within Japan will surely bring a mix of emotions.

On our experiential tours, we designed and intended these trips for those travellers who want to directly experience Japanese culture and society, ancient and modern, and to venture beyond the main tourist route.

These Japan guided tours are a journey that appeals to the foodie, and to those who see food and eating as a very instructive window into the soul of a culture. Stops to fish markets and sushi making classes are just two of several introductions to the culinary scene of Japan. On the spiritual side, we will visit temples and shrines for an immersion in Japan's venerable culture and traditions.

With both styles of journeys, we will discover the historic peoples and ways of life in Japan, including the samurai and geisha traditions. Take part in a traditional tea ceremony, before strolling Kyoto, a city that vibrates with creative energy. For 1,000 years, skilled craftsmen, wise masters, and the nation's most promising fine artists have been lured here. The deep impression of culture and the refinement is indelible; it's in the soul of the city.

Stroll a classic Japanese garden, including Zen gardens such as that found at the Golden Pavilion. Designed by Zen Buddhists, the tranquil gardens represent the essential dichotomy and harmony of the universe, which lies at the heart of this belief system.

Beyond the shrines and gardens, a rich history of rulers lies within Japanese borders. Many castles are spotted across the land of the rising sun, some dating back centuries. Away from what was once the feudal capitals, many sought and still seek relief in the onsens, or hot springs, that are found throughout the countryside.

From the snowy peaks of Mt Fuji to the forested mountains with a beauty accented by deep glens and ravines, natural beauty is found everywhere across the country.

Whether you arrived in Japan in search of futuristic cities, or to experience a tea ceremony amongst the traditional styled rooms with tatami flooring and futon beds, Japan will leave you amazed with the plethora of options and inspiring memories you will hold onto for a lifetime.


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