How We Travel
How We Travel
Frequently Asked Questions
01. Small Group
Our groups comprise no more than 18 participants plus an Adventures Abroad Tour Leader. With Adventures Abroad you can do more and see more at an easier pace, enjoy the peace and quiet of that special place you've always dreamed of, and actually hear the local guide! As food always plays an important role in the local cultural experience, we avoid large hotel buffets in favour of smaller, local restaurants.
02. Itineraries
Spontaneity, flexibility, organization, effective time management; all are integral tour aspects. Without exception, each of our 400+ itineraries undergoes careful scrutiny during crafting, thereby ensuring maximum detail, accuracy, and appropriate pacing for every trip. We also take into consideration special events, along with other such experiences that cannot always be planned beforehand. With small group travel, it is easier to venture "off the beaten path" or visit interesting places while getting around by special means; activities that will only enrich your travel experience. Pacing is also very important. While many/most of our travellers can be described as 'mature' (50+), our trips are VERY busy with lots of moving around, with walking tours of towns and cities, some long days, and possibly remote locations; our travellers choose us because they prefer tours that are NOT slowed down specifically for people with serious mobility issues. If you are uncertain about your suitability for any of our tours, please contact us.
03. Module System
Though it may sound complicated at first, the concept is really very simple. 'Modules' are segments, usually about a week in duration, into which our tours can be broken. It works particularly well in Central America, where each country represents a one-week module—take them one at a time, string them together, hop on, hop off—the combinations are virtually endless! This system affords a tremendous flexibility for travellers who want an element of customization in their trip planning. It also allows us to offer a wider range of tour lengths and content, along with the ability for us to guarantee trips earlier.
04. Inclusions
Our professionally-guided tours include shared accommodation in three- and four-star hotel properties. Two meals per day-breakfast and dinner-are provided on all tours; some tours include some lunches. All transportation while on tour is included, plus sightseeing/entrance fees as specified in our day-by-day itineraries. Porter service, where available, is also included. Arrival/departure transfers are included for all Land & Air clients, including early arrivals / late departures if extra hotel nights are booked through us. All gratuities for hotel staff, meals, coach captains and local guides are included.
05. Our Travellers
Our clients are a particular brand of unique individuals: interesting, curious, active, and often very well-travelled singles, couples or friends. Our English-speaking tours attract travellers mostly from Canada and the USA, but we're delighted when travellers join us from the UK, Australia or New Zealand (among others). Though some of our advertising includes references to 'tours for seniors,' this does not mean that our itineraries are in any way slowed down (see above entry under 'Itineraries'). Our tours are open to adults of all ages, and the large number of 'mature' travellers (50+) who join us are attracted by our busy programs and ability to move around a lot, efficiently and agilely, in a small group of adventurers who like to be 'on the go.' As such, all travellers over the age of 65, or those who are booked on active or high altitude trips, are asked to complete a simple self-assessment form in order to ensure their suitability. And, of course, if you are uncertain about your suitability for any of our tours, we encourage you to contact one of our destination specialists.
06. Singles, Couples, Friends, Families
If you're travelling alone, our guaranteed "share program" saves you money as long as you don't mind sharing a room (some tours have mandatory single supplements due to certain destinations charging high rates for single rooms). Although family groups (minimum age 15) are welcome to join most of our tours, we do offer custom trips specifically for parents or grandparents travelling with younger children. If you have something slightly or drastically different in mind, let us know what you're thinking-we can then customise trips for your club, group, company, extended family or class reunion.
07. Accommodation
The vast majority of our accommodation choices worldwide reflect our clients' desire for clean, well-located, three and four-star properties with private bath facilities. Should such accommodation be unavailable-for reasons such as our tour activities or our location-we find suitable alternatives. Though all our hotels, inns and lodges are carefully chosen, our tours are not about accommodation, as are most beach holidays. Hotels are for laying down your weary head; they shouldn't be the main focus on tour.
08. Our Services
Our itineraries can be downloaded from, by e-mail, post or fax. Our well-travelled, experienced sales staff excels at discerning your needs or determining your suitability, as regards a particular programme. We are glad to provide references from previous travellers. As well as our published airfares from major gateways, we can quote airfares from any major airport in any North American or European city. Requesting special airline meals, seating or stopovers proves no problem for us and neither does arranging extra nights accommodation, should you so desire, either before or after your trip. In fact, we're more than happy to oblige.
Flight Information

Flight Information
If you can't find the answers to your specific question below, please click the 'ASK A QUESTION' below and we'll answer your question as quickly as possible.
Frequently Asked Questions
01. Can Adventures Abroad book my flights?
Yes! We have full-service in-house air department with years of experience booking our passengers to far-flung places around the world from any place that has an airport. Travelling from Los Angeles to Rome? No problem. Travelling from Deer Lake, Newfoundland to Antananarivo? Also not a problem!
02. Can Adventures Abroad get better deals than I can online?
The straight answer on this is "usually no." Travellers who do book their air with us, however, do so for the "one stop shopping" convenience and for the value of our support in the event that something goes wrong, such as a cancellation or missed connection, and for the airport transfers at destination, which we include if you book your flights through us (see also #3 & #4 below). Some routings to more obscure destinations might also be tricky to figure out on your own or difficult to find on internet search engines, which tend to focus on routes with greater volume.
03. Why should I book my flights with Adventures Abroad?
Related to #2 above, in addition to peace-of-mind, if your journey is interrupted en route, we are available to assist in getting you re-booked and notifying our partners and staff at destination of your new arrival details. If you book your own air, you'll likely be "on your own" to deal with the airline directly or the retailer who sold you your ticket, which can be stressful and confusing. We'll also include your airport transfers if you book with us (see #6 below).
04. Does the group fly together on a set route and airline? What if I prefer a specific routing and/or airline?
Unlike with some companies, you are not obliged to fly with a particular airline on "bulk" group flights. Because our travellers are coming from (usually) across North America, everyone who flies with us receives a custom air quotation that best serves their situation and preferences—we do not have "set" routings on only a limited number of airlines. While fare and convenience are always at the top of the list of criteria, we can work with you to find the option that suits you best.
05. When will my flights be quoted / booked?
Everyone wants to know well in advance how their flights are going to look. As such, in order to ensure the best choice of fares and routings, the first step is to place your deposit on the tour of your choice as early as possible. This way we can guarantee the tour early enough to ensure that all elements of the trip can fall into place for everyone—from our preferred hotels, local guides, internal transport etc—to your individual wants and needs when it comes to the air component of your journey. We realize that this requires a bit of faith and trust, especially if you're deciding on a tour 8-12 months in advance, but with so many variables at play, this is generally the best order of events. We regret if we are unable to provide a detailed and guaranteed fare more than 6 months out or before the tour is actually 'guaranteed,' but it is extremely rare that we are unable to eventually accommodate our travellers to their satisfaction. And, of course, you are never obliged to accept our air—if you ultimately choose to go with a fare we are unable to access, we're happy to see you there! (see #6 below)
06. Can I book my own air?
Yes, with the one important proviso that you should be careful about spending money on a non-refundable ticket before we 'guarantee' your tour. A small number of tours rely on "air passes" for flights that occur as part of the tour—if you book your own air to / from, these internal tickets may cost you more (this information is available on all affected tours' info pages on our website). If you are redeeming reward points for a free ticket, you should also be aware of any penalties in the event that you want to reinstate your points.
07. What about flights within the tour? Are they included?
With very few exceptions, all flights that occur as part of your tour are included in the "Land Price." Any exceptions to this will be stated on the affected tours' specific pages on this website. If your tour has internal flights, the only thing not included are any taxes or extra fees that are added to these tickets in addition to the actual fare (we absorb any taxes less than $50 per person). As these can change at any time, we list them separately on your invoice. If you'd like to enquire about any taxes that might apply to your tour of interest, please contact us.
08. What about airport transfers?
Anyone who books air through us is entitled to airport pick-up and drop-off transfers. One proviso - if you arrive early and/or depart late, your transfers are also included if you book both your air and extra nights' accommodation through us. If you book your own flights, your transfers are not included, though we can add an arrival transfer an extra charge, or you can make your own way to the first hotel on your hotel list (departure transfers can be arranged/paid for directly while on tour). Please note that, due to arrival/visa requirements, a small number of tours may attract a mandatory arrival transfer fee for Land Only passengers.
09. What about extra services, such as seating and special meals?
Whenever possible, we can request your preferred seating, bearing in mind that it is ultimately up to the airline to follow through on our request. As changes in equipment and other factors can result in adjustments, we recommend that you check in as early as possible to ensure that your needs are met. Special meals and travel reward (points) account numbers can also be added to your file. If you want to redeem points for free travel or upgrades, you will have to contact the airline or points scheme operator directly.
For other general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our tours, click here
Referral Program

Referral Program
Frequently Asked Questions
01. Refer a Friend
If you refer a friend who has never travelled with Adventures Abroad, upon their first booking you earn a $100 per person credit toward your next tour. Make sure your friend mentions your name at time of booking so your account can be credited. These credits have no expiry.
Tour Safety

Tour Safety
Frequently Asked Questions
01. "TOUR CARE & SAFETY – A Responsible Return to Travel
The safety and well-being of our travellers, tour leaders, and ground suppliers is always our top priority. We have a team dedicated to creating health and safety procedures, with an emphasis on hygiene and sanitation.

These procedures are in line with recommendations from the World Health Organization and following the World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Safe Travel protocols for tour operators.

We take every step we possibly can to care for your well-being, while still providing an educational and enjoyable experience
02. The Future of Travel Safety and What We're Doing
To prepare for the new realities of travel, we have worked diligently to set in place extra safety protocols.
  • Making hand-sanitizer and face masks readily available whenever possible / if possible
  • Enhancing staff cleaning protocols, including sanitation of all vehicles, common spaces, and accommodations
  • Adjusting touring and sightseeing in the best way possible in order to avoid large crowds
03. Group Size
We have always prided ourselves in having some of the smallest groups in the business, with an average group size of 12-14 travellers.
04. Itinerary Changes & Adjustments / Tour Flexibility
Our Operations team keep up-to-date with local developments and are in regular contact with our partners.
05. Personal Preparedness
As responsible travellers, anyone who chooses to travel with us has a duty of care to themselves and the people around them. We ask that all our travellers comply with local regulations and laws, as well as our own health and safety guidelines, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their adventure, while remaining well. Before travelling, we recommend you check your government’s travel advisory and the World Health Organization website for the most current information on destinations being visited. Many airlines and airports have specific safety procedures they are following, so travellers are encouraged to check with their airline prior to their adventure and arrive at the airport early as these updated protocols will add more time to check in and security check points.

We look forward to safe, secure, relaxed, fun, and rewarding adventuring with you in the near future.

Many thanks for your patience, understanding, and ongoing support!

Adventures Abroad staff, management, Tour Leaders and worldwide partners and colleagues.

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