Frequently Asked Questions


If you can't find the answers to your specific question below, please e-mail our sales department at and we'll answer your question as quickly as possible.

Group Size

What is the maximum number of participants on a trip? What if you don't reach your minimum?

Our maximum tour size is 18 participants; some tours (ie hiking tours) top out at 16 (tour codes starting with "AV" may vary). In the event that we do not achieve our minimum complement by our 60-day deadline, we will offer a "small-group surcharge" to ensure that the tour runs as scheduled. This fee, which can be up to 15% of the "Land" portion of the tour, may be offered as an option to continue with the trip. This fee covers the higher per person fixed costs associated with handling a smaller group. If we are able to achieve our minumum after the fact, this surcharge is refundable.

Health Requirements

Are there any specific health requirements for your tours?

On our Cultural Tours and Family Holidays, anyone of an average fitness level can participate. Anyone aged 70 or older may be asked to complete a medical questionnaire. Many of our Active Adventures, or those that occur at high altitude, will require a medical questionnaire to be completed regardless of age.


Would it be possible for me to talk to someone regarding their experience on a particular tour?

We are able to provide telephone numbers or e-mail addresses of previous participants who have taken a specific tour. All of these people have volunteered to be a reference and will be happy to talk to you about our tours. We have an extensive list of references, and we will try to find one close to your hometown. Alternatively, our well-travelled staff are able to provide you with first-hand experience. Many of our staff members have participated on our tours, and they'll be happy to share their experiences with you.

Reservations & Payment

How do I make a reservation? How and when do I pay?

The easiest way to make a reservation is to contact us by telephone. You can also place a reservation online once you have chosen your trip and departure date. A $500 non-refundable, per-person deposit (some trips require a higher deposit), plus optional cancellation insurance premium is payable at the time of booking. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express for deposits. Your final balance is due 60 days prior to departure. An "Administrative Fee" will be assessed on all final payments; this fee will be discounted if payments are made by cheque, wire transfer or online bank transfer. Early enrollment is encouraged as group size is limited and some trips require greater preparation time. If airline bookings require a non-refundable payment in order to secure the lowest available fare, we will require an increase in deposit equal to the cost of the ticket(s). Once we have received your deposit, we will confirm your space and send out a confirmation package containing your trip itinerary; any visa/travel permit related documents; insurance information (if purchased); invoice; clothing and equipment recommendations; general information on your destination(s), and signature forms for you to complete and return to us. Your air tickets, final hotel list, final trip itinerary, baggage tags, will be sent out approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure.

Shared Accommodation

Do you have a share program?

Yes! If you are single traveller and are willing to share, we will do our best to pair you with a same-gender roommate. On most of our tour, if we fail to pair you, we will absorb the single supplement fee and you will default to a single room at no extra charge. At some destinations, however, where single rooms are not significantly discounted, or not at all, we may apply a "mandatory" single in the event that we cannot find you a share partner. This is usually 50% of the usual supplement, but can be as much as 100%. If applicable, this proviso will be noted on each tour page on this website, on your invoice, and in our tour date/price book (available for download under "Resources").

Single Travellers

I am a single who prefers my own room. What is a single supplement?

All of our tours have a single supplement for those who want to be guaranteed their own room at each location. This supplement is a reflection of the fact that most hotels around the world do not discount the regular twin-share rate for a room by 50% for only one person occupying a room. Most hotels will give a break on the price, but usually in the range of 25-30% of the twin-share rate. This difference, multiplied by each night, amounts to the single supplement. The conventional amount can also vary from country to country and some destinations are more expensive than others for single occupancy. In order to be "single friendly," the supplements we apply are not a profit centre for us and we do our best to keep them as reasonable as possible. On most tours we limit the number of singles available, not to be punitive, but rather because many hotels allow for only a limited number of singles; some smaller hotels at remote locations also have a limited number of single rooms available. Please note that most single rooms around the world are smaller than twin-share rooms and will likely have only one bed.


Do you allow smoking on your tours?

Smoking is not permitted on any transport or during sightseeing excursions. Smoking is permitted in your own room, private areas and in designated smoking sections.


I see that you don't include lunches. How does this work?

On most of our tours, we leave lunches to your own account. Most of our travellers prefer to eat lightly midday and forgo the time and expense of a pre-booked sit down group meal. This also allows for a greater flexibility overall such that we are not slaves to a set reservation time and place. This doesn't mean, however, that no provision is made for lunch. Your Tour Leader will always, of course, factor a lunch break into every day's program. This usually involves an informal stop at a place where several options may be available—you are free to find something to your own liking or, of course, forgo lunch entirely and use the time to explore or shop, etc. In some places where there might be limited choice, your Tour Leader may suggest something that is pre-arranged and paid for by each traveller directly after the meal. Now and then we'll also take a lunch box with us from the previous night's hotel, or enjoy a picnic lunch somewhere along our route. Occasionally, due to logistical considerations, your Tour Leader may substitute lunch for dinner should it better fit our schedule and activities. This will be announced by your leader while on tour.

Special Meal Requirements

Do you have the ability to deal with someone with special meal requirements?

In most instances we can deal with participants with special meal requirements. It is best to contact our sales department to discuss your particular requirements. Each destination may have different limits. To contact our sales department by e-mail, click here.

Stopovers and Extensions

Can I extend my tour either at the beginning or end? What about stopovers?

Yes, you can extend your tour either at the beginning or the end and we can book accommodation in our tour hotel. Stopovers are often permitted, depending on air routing. Stopovers usually carry a "stopover" fee levied by the airline.

Loyalty Program and Referral Program

Does Adventures Abroad have a loyalty program? What if I refer a friend?

Upon completion of a tour, a $100 per person "Voyager Rewards" credit is applied to your account for use on any future Adventures Abroad tour provided that you make your reservation within one year of your last trip's completion date (you do not necessarily have to TRAVEL within a year). This credit can also be combined with any other credit you may have or any discount promotion we may be offering for your selected tour.

If you refer a friend who has never travelled with Adventures Abroad, upon their first booking you earn a $100 per person credit toward your next tour. Make sure your friend mentions your name at time of booking so your account can be credited. These credits have no expiry.

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