Active Tours and Walking Tours


Step it up a notch with Adventures Abroad's Active Adventures. Specifically crafted with a view to enhancing the physical component of our tours, Active Adventures place increased focus on energy-fuelled activities that quicken the pulse and invigorate the body. Retaining our Cultural Tours' focus on cultural immersion and natural exploration, this series of trips includes our exciting hiking and walking tours, as well as itineraries that feature canoeing, riding, sailing and activities that require some exertion. Itineraries are categorized into graded levels of difficulty to cater to a broad range of active travellers with varying degrees of fitness.

If you are looking to arrange an Active Private & Custom Tour please contact our Custom Groups Department through their website here.


XAD 14 Day Croatia Tour & Montenegro

14 days from Kotor/Tivat to Zagreb

An Adriatic day hiking trip like no other, our Croatia and Montenegro tour offers myriad enticements for those with a sense of history and…

XEEU Walking The Wonders Of Eastern Europe Tour

16 days from Berlin to Warsaw

The variety on this busy trip is truly astounding, and on this "Category 3" adventure we explore the delights of this part of the world the best way…

XGI 14 Day Hiking Greek Island Tour

14 days from Athens to Athens

Our Hiking the Greek Isles tour begins and end in the iconic capital of Athens, a city steeped in ancient history, and serving as the perfect hub to…

XICE Active Iceland Tour

11 days from Reykjavik to Reykjavik

XNZ 12 Day New Zealand Tour

12 days from Queenstown to Christchurch

What a stunning addition to our popular series of active adventures! True to our overall concept with respect to our "X"-coded tours, this one…

XPM 13 Day Piemonte Tour

13 days from Torino to Torino

We're very excited to once again offer a more active tour in Italy, the Piemonte Panorama Tour. Years ago we did a hiking tour in Tuscany and…

XPR 16 Day El Camino De Santiago Tour

16 days from Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela

The Way Of Saint James has captured the imaginations of active travellers since the Middle Ages. Spain itself has a spectacular past that seems…

XSW 13 Day Switzerland Tour

13 days from Zurich to Zurich

The Switzerland On Foot Tour is a guided walking tour combining some of Switzerland's medieval historic Old Towns with the top three scenic mountain…

XTAS Walking In Wild Tasmania Tour

13 days from Hobart to Hobart

Tasmania is like a fairytale place, hidden away in a place so remote it's seems almost at the end of the Earth. And one of the best ways to connect…

XTUR Active Turkey Tour

14 days from Istanbul to Antalya

Spectacular mountain & coastal scenery, charming towns, gorgeous beaches, ancient ruins, fascinating history, myriad native plants and wildlife,…

XUZB Active Uzbekistan Tour

16 days from Tashkent to Tashkent

This is a new treatment of an old favourite destination, with a well-paced mix of conventional town/city walking tours along with some out-of-the-way…

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