Photo Contest

In these unprecedented times sometimes the best way to escape the self isolation we find ourselves in is by reliving our cherished memories. To inspire everyone in the Adventures Abroad community to recall their memories we are launching a series of photo competitions by country. Share 1-3 photos from your Adventures Abroad trip to The Baltic States with a caption about the photos or your trip. The top 4 submissions for each country will be featured in the next newsletter, and the top submission for each country will be eligible for a $200 credit for their next tour. We hope you all enjoy this trip down memory lane and can't wait to see what you come up with. Please send in your photos and captions to or to our social media accounts in a direct message.

Competition Rules: Photos submitted must be while on an Adventures Abroad tour. Only one photo competition credit can be used per tour. We reserve the right to use photo and caption submissions for eblast, webpage and blog, or social media postings. Winning submissions will be posted on the photo contest page.

13th Round's winner

We received so many lovely submissions, and it was heartwarming to hear about how everyone enjoyed their trips with us to Kenya and Tanzania. It was so hard for us to pick a winner due to the stunning collection that came in, but please enjoy the winning photo submission below from Roger E. on our July 2013 tour:

When we first arrived, after a night in Nairobi, we travelled to Ol Pejeta Conservancy and immediately saw this Reticulated Giraffe taking a drink at the water hole - Roger E. on our July 2013 tour

13th Round's runners up

With so many gorgeous photos coming in narrowing it down to 3 runners up was hard, but we decided to go with 3 images that we find capture different pieces of Kenya and Tanzania:

Kilimanjaro - Viggo D. on our October 2006 trip.

Samburu dancers at a shared Samburu-Turkana village in the Samburu National Reserve - Karen W. on our September 2008 trip.

Colobus Monkey in tree at the Trout Tree Restaurant in Kenya - Veronica P. on our September 2012 trip.

Honourable Mention

We had so many amazing entries for this round that we could not help but pick an honourable mention, and even picking just 1 was so hard with the amazing diversity of photos submitted! Thank you everyone who participated, and we can't wait to keep seeing your amazing entries in the next round!

Bad hair day, Serengeti National Park, Tanzania - Alex T. on our September 2012 trip

Past Photo Contest Winners and Runners up

12th Round's Photo Contest: Colombia

12th Round's winner

WEDDING FESTIVITIES in the streets of Old Town Cartagena. - Lionel C. on January 2016 tour

12th Round's runners up

Guatape is famous for its colorful lower ornamental relief panels on the traditional houses lining its narrow cobble stone streets. With a little imagination, this village is like an open-air art scene, ready to become a painting itself - Gerhard E. on our January 2020 tour.

Silletero and his flower silletas in Santa Elena - Jacki S. on our February 2019 tour.

A friendly rainbow billed toucan, Cartagena Columbia - Dan W. on our Jan 2017 tour.

11th Round's Photo Contest: Vietnam

11th Round's winner

Halong Bay Evening - James L. on our November 2018 tour

11th Round's runners up

Enroute to Viet Minh headquarters north of Dien Bien Phu we stopped at a small village of Hmong and Tay people. They were very welcoming, friendly and allowed us to take many photos. - Barbara M. on our November 2004 tour.

LANTERNS taken in Hoi An on November 13, 2017 - Jill C. on our November 2017 tour.

Sherry A, Ann J, and Ken J sharing a dugout in the Mekong - Rudy P. on our October 2014 tour.

10th Round's Photo Contest: Croatia

10th Round's winner

Pula – Ampitheatre
This Roman colosseum is the most complete in the world and to sit inside on the steps was a very special reflective moment for me. - Barbara M. on our May 2015 trip

10th Round's runners up

Looking down on Dubrovnik - Carol S. on our September 2017 tour.

Plitvice Lakes - Chris S. on our May 2008 tour.

Hiking up to the Hvar Fortress offered great views of the port of Hvar on Hvar Island - Ward W. on our May 2013 tour.

9th Round's Photo Contest: Peru

9th Round's winner

Taken on one of the various stops during our forgettable Andean Explorer train ride from Cuzco to Puno - Lynn P. on our February 2018 trip

9th Round's runners up

We had the pleasure of traveling with Pablo in Peru and Bolivia, November 2007. One of our most memorable experiences was meeting the indigenous Uros people living on their "islands" of reeds on Lake Titicaca. - Doris L. on our November 2007 trip.

Driving to Colca Canyon and stopping along the way to see the local handicrafts being sold. - Scott L. on our May 2008 Peru trip.

Machu Pichu Rainbow - Dan W. on our Feb 2020 trip.

8th Round's Photo Contest: Italy

8th Round's winner

Back from the edge of the crater on Vulcano - François D. on our September 2011 Italian Isles tour

8th Round's runners up

Vatican Museum - Joan S. on our May 2007 Italy tour.

Group Exploring - Doris L. on our September 2015 Microstates tour.

Taormina, Sicily with Mt. Etna in the background - Samantha H. on our March 2003 tour.

7th Round's Photo Contest: South Africa

7th Round's winner

A hippopotamus OUT OF THE WATER showing all the scars. It is a rough life!
A game drive in the Thornybush Reserve in 2015. - Rudy P. on our 2015 tour

7th Round's runners up

"The Dramatic Peninsula Coast". Taken at the southern tip of Africa where the Atlantic & Indian Ocean meet. - Gary B. on our Sept 2016 Southern Africa trip.

The Potholes in South Africa - Hart O. on our October 2015 tour.

Taken at a winery stop, a King Protea, open and welcoming - Molly M. on our October 2019 tour.

6th Round's Photo Contest: Portugal

6th Round's winner

Lisbon, September 2019 - Anto A. on our September 2019 Portugal tour

6th Round's runners up

Sunny day on the Porto waterfront - Henry P. on our October 2019 Portugal tour.

Douro Valley, Mesao Frio - Carol B. on our September 2019 Portugal tour.

Obidos representing a typical street - Rosemay T. on our September 2018 Portugal tour.

5th Round's Photo Contest: Japan

5th Round's winner

Famous Golden Pavilion of Kinkaku-ji Temple - Scott L. in October 2019

5th Round's runners up

Dance competition, Dazaifu-Shi - Eve S. on our April 2015 tour.

Spring Evening in Kyoto - J. Frederick F. on our March 2012 tour.

'Peace', the universal Japanese salutation - Dara L. on our October 2019 JP2 tour.

Honourable Mention

Alistair entertaining us - Daissy O. on our 2001 Japan Festivals Tour with Alastair

4th Round's Photo Contest: Costa Rica

4th Round's winner

The sloth was posing in the trees along the canal beside Tortuguero - Ian C. from our Costa Rica trip during February 2016

4th Round's runners up

Arenal volcano view from La Fortuna - Anto A. on our January 2019 tour.

As we took a boat ride through part of Tortuguero National Park, we saw this Anhinga drying its wings. If their wings are too wet, Anhingas cannot fly. - June S. on our February 2008 Costa Rica tour.

Local transportation - Chris C. on our February 2018 Costa Rica tour.

3rd Round's Photo Contest: Central Asia

3rd Round's winner

Devoted Sufi Followers in Prayer - Mausoleum of Hodja Yusup Hamadani, Ancient Merv, Turkmenistan. - Roger P. on his September 2018 Five Stans trip

3rd Round's runners up

Near Lake Issyk Kul Kyrgyzstan - Rita C. on our September 2018 Five Stans trip.

Samarkand - Riana R. on our October 2018 Five Stans Trip.

Playing Kok-Boru near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, October 2019 - We went to a version of the Nomad Games at a small village near Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan where we saw local villagers play a variety of games including an exciting game of Kok-Boru - June S. on our September 2019 Five Stans tour.

Honourable Mention

The teahouse was from the Minsha Shan sand dunes near DunHuang, China - John Y. on our October 2005 Silk Road tour

2nd Round's Photo Contest: Greece

2nd Round's winner

Lines and shadows Agora Athens - Doris L. on her May 2018 tour

2nd Round's runners up

- James B. in September 2007.

Temple of Apollo at Delphi - June S. in September 2014.

Street at the ruins of the Fortress of Mystras. 1249 AD - Carol B. in May 2019.

Honourable Mention

Another Typical Day on a Victor Trip - Tour leader and Chief Mischief Instigator: Victor Ramagnoli
Consorts: Terry, Alistair, Rudy
Photo credit to Eralyn M.

1st Round's Photo Contest: Egypt

1st Round's winner

High above the Valley of the Kings (or Queens) - Ashley C. on her November 2018 tour

1st Round's runners up

Market Day Mayhem. It is an arial view of a market place spanning a large intersection of two major streets. It was taken from the bus as we crossed over a bridge in Cairo. It reflects a way of life and the day-to-day survival of locals vendors and customers in a big city that is truly a world away from mine. It captures a frenetic existence and is rich with culture and color. - George C..

Solitude away from the Karnak crowds. - Dave S..

Here comes our ride across the Nile for a Nubian dinner. - Keith A..