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Photo Contest

In these unprecedented times sometimes the best way to escape the self isolation we find ourselves in is by reliving our cherished memories. To inspire everyone in the Adventures Abroad community to recall their memories we are launching a series of photo competitions by country. Share 1-3 photos from your Adventures Abroad trip to Central Asia with a caption about the photos or your trip. The top 4 submissions for each country will be featured in the next newsletter, and the top submission for each country will be eligible for a $200 credit for their next tour. We hope you all enjoy this trip down memory lane and can't wait to see what you come up with. Please send in your photos and captions to or to our social media accounts in a direct message.

Competition Rules: Photos submitted must be while on an Adventures Abroad tour. Only one photo competition credit can be used per tour. We reserve the right to use photo and caption submissions for eblast, webpage and blog, or social media postings. Winning submissions will be posted on the photo contest page.

Second week's winner and runner ups

We received so many lovely submissions, and it was heartwarming to hear about how everyone enjoyed their trips with us to Greece. It was so hard for us to pick a winner due to the stunning collection that came in, but please enjoy the winning photo submission below from Doris L. on her May 2018 tour with us:

Lines and shadows Agora Athens - Doris L.

With so many gorgeous photos coming in narrowing it down to 3 runners up was hard, but we decided to go with 3 images that we find capture different pieces of Greece:

James B. in September 2007.

Temple of Apollo at Delphi - June S. in September 2014.

Street at the ruins of the Fortress of Mystras. 1249 AD - Carol B. in May 2019.
Honourable mention:

Tour leader and Chief Mischief Instigator: Victor Ramagnoli
Consorts: Terry, Alistair, Rudy
Photo credit to Eralyn M.

Title: Another Typical Day on a Victor Trip