Tour Care & Safety

The health and safety of our travellers is always our #1 priority. To ensure your well-being and provide peace of mind, we have created enhanced health and safety protocols for our tours.
These procedures fall in line with recommendations from the World Health Organization and the World Travel & Tourism Council's (WTTC) Safe Travel Protocols for tour operators.

We do all we can to ensure our travellers' safety and health while on our adventures, but we also need your help—by working together, we can create a safe and enjoyable travel experience for everyone.

We do not require you to be fully-vaccinated in order to travel with us; however, we do still recommend that all travellers are fully-vaccinated before travelling.

We recognize the immense privilege that it is to travel and will continue to act on our moral obligation and duty of care to the communities we visit. We believe vaccinations play a key role in saving lives and helping to keep people safe. Though much of the world is vaccinated against Covid-19, vaccination rates remain low in some of the destinations and communities we visit. We continue to support global vaccine equity and continue to strongly encourage all travellers to get fully-vaccinated against Covid-19.

  1. Entry Requirements
    Adventures Abroad no longer requires proof of vaccination as a condition of participation. All travellers must take full responsibility to ensure that they conform to entry requirements applicable to the country/ies to be visited and/or transited on their tour.
  2. Covid On Tour
    Should a participant become ill on tour with symptoms consistent with Covid-19, they should immediately notify the Tour Leader and self-isolate, both for their health and the welfare of the group. In the event of a positive test, you will not be able to rejoin the tour until a confirmed negative test result is achieved or until no symptoms are being exhibited. We will do our best to ensure everyone receives the help and support they may need; however, participants should be aware that all expenses for additional food, lodging, and transportation expenses incurred in catching up with the group, are the sole responsibility of the participant. As always, we strongly recommend a comprehensive travel insurance policy that provides coverage for such situations.
  3. Doing Your Part
    Planning and executing a successful tour has always been a shared responsibility and, more than ever, we'll be relying upon our intrepid travellers to do their part to heed the advice and instructions provided pre-trip, and from our Tour Leaders and local partners at destination. It's up to all of us to ensure that we embark on future adventures with respect and consideration for one another and those we encounter along the way. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a safe and rewarding experience for all and a happy and healthy return home.

Many thanks for your patience, understanding, and ongoing support!

Adventures Abroad staff, management, Tour Leaders and worldwide partners and colleagues.

Last updated 05 April 2024

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