15 Day Caucasus Tour

Azerbaijan, Georgia & Armenia

15 Days

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May, Sep, Oct

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Baku / Yerevan

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Discover the country's true culture with the help of experienced local guides.

  • Small group sizes to help escape the beaten path.
  • Authentic local experiences with lots of inclusions.
Tour Overview
Tour Overview

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Countries Visited: 3 Activity Level: 2 Tour Style: Cultural

Caucasus tours are numbered among our most popular offerings! Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is the entry point on this tour through the Caucasus and we take a couple of days to explore the fascinating historic sites in this remarkable destination.

Mediaeval palaces, beautiful mausoleums, grand mosques and glorious vineyards are but a few of the notable sights as we start our tour in Baku, 'the city of the winds'. Following the ancient Silk Road trade route, we travel through Azerbaijan and head for the most ancient settlements and architectural centres of the country at Sheki, a town founded over 2,700 years ago.

As we travel from Azerbaijan to Georgia, we visit cathedrals, churches, monasteries, fortresses and secular sites that detail the countries' long, and at times tumultuous, histories, as well as taking time to stop by some UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

We learn about the ancient world, its kings and its peoples and marvel at the great cultural and ethnic diversity of the modern-day region; in Georgia alone, mosques and synagogues stand alongside Armenian, Roman Catholic and Georgian churches and the multi-ethnic city marketplaces have a distinctly Eastern, cosmopolitan feel.

Departing from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, we head north into the lofty Caucasus Mountains, with quaint early churches, friendly villages set against soaring peaks, and history dating from ancient times.

We then enter Armenia, the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion. Yerevan, its capital, mixes a plethora of intricately crafted religious sites with buildings primarily constructed from the pink-hued 'tuff' stone unique to the area.



Dates & Prices
Dates & Prices


Prices below are per person, twin-sharing costs in US Dollars (USD). Pricing does not include airfare to/from the tour and any applicable taxes. For single supplement rates and taxes (if any), please refer to below Prices & Dates table. For general information on flights to/from the tour, click here.

Your Travel and Accomodations Arranged For You
(With English Speaking Guides and Staff.)

Driver, Dinner, and Local Guide Tips Included.

Authentic Local Experiences With Lots Of Inclusions.

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Optional Single Supplement: $1150 USD (number of singles limited).
This tour may require a mandatory single supplement charge of $580 if you join our share program and we are unable to pair you.



Full Itinerary
Full Itinerary

Download Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival in Baku
Today we arrive in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Overnight in Baku.

Included Meal(s): Dinner

Day 2 Baku: City Tour
Azerbaijan is situated at the crossroad between Europe and Asia, and the atmosphere one discovers bears witness to an exciting melting pot of influences, from historical Muslim empires to the Soviet Union. Baku is a city brimming with history, and there is no better place to start our exploration than with a tour of the Old Town 'Iceri Sehir', which is also a fortress. Baku’s medieval core is a UNESCO-protected site surrounded by 12th-century walls.

During our touring we will see the highlights of Iceri Sehir including the Palace of the Shirvans, the most striking example of the Medieval palace structures in Azerbaijan, dating to the middle of 15th century; and the Maiden's Tower, the ancient, eight storey fortress originally built as a fire beacon.

We will also visit the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, one of the most recognized architectural landmarks of modern Baku. The center hosts different educational and scientific competitions and projects for the development of science, education, health, sports, culture and economy. It has also hosted solo exhibitions of the world famous artists, sculptures and photographers.

Overnight in Baku.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

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Day 3 Baku: Gobustan National Park
This morning we travel south to the Gobustan National Park. The UNESCO protected Gobustan Rock Art Cultural Landscape is a national reserve that covers three areas of a plateau of rocky boulders rising out of the semi-desert of central Azerbaijan. Here we find an outstanding collection of rock engravings bearing testimony to 40,000 years of rock art. During our visit we will not only explore the Gobustan Museum and ancient petroglyphs, but we will also see some nearby bubbling mud volcanoes.

After our morning exploration we will head back to Baku and en route we will stop at the Martyrs' Cemetery, located on the higher slopes of the city's west end. This is the best place for viewing the city and the Bay of Baku. You will then have some free time for lunch and exploring on your own. Beyond the Old City there is no better way to get a feel for Baku’s relaxed, Mediterranean atmosphere than by strolling along the much-loved Seaside Boulevard – the capital city’s promenade.

Overnight in Baku.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 4 Baku - Shemakha - Sheki
This is a full day of travel and sightseeing.

This morning we leave the capital and travel by road west to Shemakha, for a long time the capital and trade centre for western Azerbaijan and now a small town. We briefly visit the Juma (“Friday”) Mosque, a very large and attractive building from the late 19th century; and the Yedi Gumbez 'Seven Tombs', yet only three of these desecrated octagonal royal tombs remain reasonably complete. They are the 18th-19th century mausoleums of the Khans of Shemakha.

We continue to Sheki, one of the most ancient settlements and architectural centres of Azerbaijan founded more than 2,700 years ago. The setting here is stunning -- lying in forested hills with views of the Caucasus. On arrival we visit the mosaic-fronted Khan's Palace, a beautiful piece of Islamic architecture, and the History Museum. We will also have a walk through the busy market of Sheki.

Overnight in Sheki.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 5 Sheki, Azerbaijan - Telavi, Georgia
This morning we travel along the foothills of the Greater Caucasus range and arrive at the Azerbaijan border/Lagodekhi check-point. After completing customs and immigration formalities (which can be lengthy!) we continue to Telavi. Please know that this a very full day of travel and sightseeing.

Throughout this region, snowy peaks can just be made out through the haze, and the towering white poplar tree. The emptiness of the road today belies the fact that this is an ancient trade route, a tiny part of the old Silk Road that linked China with Western Europe before an alternative route was discovered by sea. In the Telavi area, we visit some of the highlights of Georgian architectural monuments: Alaverdi Cathedral (11th c) and Gremi Complex, which is what has survived from the once flourishing town of Gremi located southwest of the present-day village of the same name.

Overnight in Telavi.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 6 Telavi - Davit Gareja Monastery - Tbilisi
Today's journey takes us through Kakheti Province, Georgia's famous wine district, a landscape dotted with fine old churches and vineyard after vineyard.

We then drive to Davit Gareja Monastery,* situated deep in semi-desert about 75 km (47 mi) south-east of Tbilisi. Founded in the 6th century by the Christian Father St. David, the monasteries are remarkable for their original frescoes that date from the 8th to 13th centuries, and the site is considered to be one of the most important landmarks of Georgia. The main complex on which we concentrate our visit, is located just adjacent to the parking area and constitutes a highly satisfactory visit with respect to what the entire area has to offer, though we regret that our tour here will not be as comprehensive as is possible given time contraints and accessibility problems.

* The area and the footing can suffer from very changeable weather conditions. Your Tour Leader can provide further information en route, but kindly be advised that the nature, duration, and content of our visit is the prerogative of your Tour Leader.

Later in the day we arrive in Tbilisi.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 7 Tbilisi: City Tour
Tbilisi, capital of Georgia from the 5th century AD, has a long and fascinating history. Founded in the 4th century by King Vakhtang Gorgasali on the site of its warm mineral-water springs, it developed into the main city of the Caucasus. By the 12th century Tbilisi was one of the more important political, economic and cultural centres of the region, a key stop on the famous Silk Road on the border between Europe and Asia.

Tbilisi's Old Town, the most ancient part of the city, is renowned for its wonderful mix of cultures. The mosque, the synagogue, the Armenian and Roman Catholic churches mingle harmoniously with the splendid Georgian churches and architecture. The balmy sulfur baths have hosted poets, writers, musicians, and kings down through the centuries. The multi-ethnic markets with large variety of produce and languages, give the city an Eastern, cosmopolitan feel.

We will explore much of the old town by foot, starting at the Metekhi Church (12th C), Abanotubani, the area famous for the sulphur baths with Asian style buildings and 19th C Georgian houses. We visit the National Museum (which has a very interesting exhibit about the Soviet Occupation) and walk Rustaveli Avenue, the most beautiful street of Tbilisi.

Balance of the day for independent exploration.

Overnight in Tbilisi.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 8 Tbilisi - Mtskheta - Kazbegi (Stepantsminda)
This morning we leave the capital and depart for Mtskheta, an ancient town of extraordinary importance to the Georgian nation, located about 20km out of Tbilisi. It was the capital of the eastern Georgian kingdom of Iberia (not to be confused with the European peninsula) from the 3rd century BC to the 5th century AD. Mtskheta was the site of Georgia's adoption of Christianity in 334 and remains the headquarters of the Georgian Orthodox Church. We visit the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th c.) and Jvari Monastery (6th c.); both are among the finest architectural monuments in Georgia.

We continue along the Georgian Military Highway, a historical road leading north from Tbilisi into Russia. It passes the spectacular Ananuri Fortress (we'll make a stop here), and then climbs the sides of the dramatic Aragvi River Valley, over the Jvari Pass (2395m / 7,857 ft) and down into Kazbegi (officially Stepantsminda; 1700m / 5577 ft). Surrounded by gigantic mountains, Kazbegi is a picturesque settlement overlooked by the biggest of them all -- Mount Kazbek (5047m / 16,558 ft) -- one of the six 5000+ metre peaks of the Caucasus.

Time permitting upon arrival, we'll begin our area sightseeing. The town and rugged surrounds provide some of the most picturesque scenes in Georgia.

Overnight in Kazbegi.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 9 Kazbegi Area
Today will be spent exploring the Kazbegi. We can walk up (or drive) to Gergeti Trinity Church (snow level permitting) and enjoy the spectacular views of Mt. Kazbek (5047m/16,558 ft). This is a popular area for walking and trekking, and our time here is somewhat freeform allowing for some easy walking in the beautiful surrounds and the tiny, charming village.

Overnight in Kazbegi.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 10 Kazbegi - Uplistsikhe - Akhaltsikhe
Today we continue down the Georgian Military Highway and turn east to Gori, the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. We'll visit the Stalin Museum here before travelling the 8 km to Uplistsikhe, ('the Lord's Citadel'), a cave town hewn into rock. The citadel dates back to the 7th century BC, and had served as a strategic point on the ancient Silk Road from ancient times until the 15th century AD. As part of our visit, we'll see the large central hall for pagan rituals, living rooms, and a 9th century church.

We continue to Akhaltsikhe, a small city of about 50,000 and the capital of Samtskhe-Javakheti. The city has been around for at least 800 years, and was a regional administrative center for the Ottomans from the sixteenth century up to the Russo-Turkish War. Until the twentieth century Akhaltsikhe was majority Armenian, but today, unlike most of the province, it is majority Georgian.

Arrive in Akhaltsikhe.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 11 Akhaltsikhe - Vardzia, Georgia - Gyumri, Armenia
Today we travel to Armenia, stopping at first at Vardzia in the Meskheti province of southern Georgia. Here we see a thirteen story cave town built between 1186-9 by Georgia's famous Queen Tamara. It stands as a unique example of the Georgian 'renaissance' construction in an area of many medieval sites.

We then drive south of Ninotsminda to the border with Armenia at Bavra. We break up our journey to Yerevan with an overnight stop in Gyumri, a city of stately Russian architecture, cobbled streets, and a bustling market. Depending on our timing today, we may do some Gyumri sightseeing today and/or possibly tomorrow before departing for Yerevan.

Overnight in Gyumri.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 12 Gyumri - Garni Temple & Geghard Monastery Complex - Yerevan
Today we head for Yerevan, stopping at two places where local people expressed their beliefs: the Hellenistic Mithras Temple of Garni, dating back to the first century, and the Geghard Monastery in the gorge of the River Asat. Garni Temple was destroyed by an earthquake in 1679 and reconstructed in the 1970s. The temple is erected on a basalt base, on top of the gorge of the river Asat, surrounded by the ruins of the Garni Citadel, which also served as the summer residence of the Armenian kings in the third and fourth century.

The monastery at Geghard is a unique architectural construction, partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. While the main chapel was built in 1215, the complex was founded in the 4th century.

Today we'll also visit a brandy factory for a tour and tasting and include a typical lunch at a private home.

We then continue to Yerevan, the present-day capital of a nation that was the first in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion (AD 301). The Yerevan of today is a city of Christian cathedrals, theatres and museums, universities and academies, parks, squares and industrial sites and, finally, an art-loving and sophisticated people.

Due to the size of our lunch today, we do not include dinner.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Lunch

Day 13 Yerevan: City Tour
Today we tour Yerevan, including a visit to the Matenadaran's Manuscript Collection, of prime importance for the study of the history and culture of Armenia, as well as Transcaucasia, Asia Minor and many Middle Eastern countries. Works by some philosophers of antiquity survived only in their Armenian translation. These include Eusebius of Gaesaria's "Chronicle", the ancient Greek philosopher Xenon's treatise "On Nature," and many others. The archives preserve over 100,000 documents of the fourteenth to nineteenth centuries: various deeds, decrees, treaties and letters, which contain vast material on the political and socio-economic history of Armenia and neighbouring countries.

We also visit the National History Museum on Republic Square. The square was built in the 1940s in a traditional Armenian architectural style. The arches of the buildings lining the square and the motifs of the bas-reliefs are unique in their conception and resemble the structural shapes of the Armenian architectural and spiritual monuments of the 10th-13th centuries. In Yerevan, most buildings comprise a pink shade of "tuff" stone quarried locally. This is the most prominent feature of Yerevan's otherwise utilitarian Soviet architecture and is unique to Armenia. While in Yerevan we will also visit the Echmiadzin Cathedral (AD 301) located outside the city. This is the centre of the Armenian Church and their most important Orthodox cathedral.

You'll have a some free time this afternoon for independent exploraiton.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 14 Exploring South of Yerevan & Leisure Time in Yerevan
This morning we visit Khor Virap Monastery (AD 4-17 c). Khor Virap has a very long and rich history, both secular and religious. It is situated in the Ararat Valley against the Biblical Mt Ararat (where Noah's Ark cast anchor) on the left bank of the River Araks on one of the high hills. From ancient times Khor Virap was highly esteemed for its geographical and territorial advantages. Weather permitting we will have spectacular views of Mt Ararat from the Yerevan-Artashat motorway.

While in Yerevan we'll also visit the Genocide Memorial and Museum at Tsitsernakaberd ("Swallow Castle"). The memorial sits on the site of an Iron Age fortress, all above-ground traces of which seem to have disappeared. The museum's testimony to the 1915 destruction of the Armenian communities of Eastern Anatolia is moving, and the monument itself is austere but powerful. The spire symbolizes the Eastern and Western branches of the Armenian people. From here the view over the Ararat Valley is striking.

We return to Yerevan where you have some much-deserved leisure time before tonight's dinner at a typical Armenian restaurant, possibly with live Armenian music.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Included Meal(s): Breakfast and Dinner

Day 15 Departure
Departure from Yerevan.


Included Meal(s): Breakfast



Trip Info
Trip Info

Breakfast and dinner (at local restaurants and hotels) are included daily.

All transport, accommodation, sightseeing and entrance fees for sites noted as 'visited' in the detailed itinerary.

Gratuities for drivers, restaurant staff, porters, local guides.

Airport transfers for land & air customers and for early arriving/late departing land & air customers who book their extra hotel nights through us.

International airfare to/from the tour.

Tour Leader gratuities, lunches, drinks, personal items (phone, laundry, etc), international (if applicable) air taxes, visa fees, and any excursions referenced as 'optional'.

Airport transfers for Land Only customers.

Optional trip cancellation insurance. Our post-reservation trip notes offer further guidance on shopping, not included meals, visas and locally paid departure taxes.

Seasonality and Weather
We visit the area in spring and autumn when the temperature should not fall below 5C (40F) at night in most locations and climb to between 15 and 25C (60-78F) during the day. We may experience more extreme conditions in the Caucasus (northern Georgia), and conditions in the mountains can be changeable and temperatures approaching freezing. We should have sunny weather most of the time, but showers are possible, especially in the mountains. Spring is also favourable for greener landscapes.

Transport and Travel Conditions
Ground transport will be via bus, 24-32 seater, with air-conditioning, though this should not be terribly necessary at the times we run this tour. Some road journeys are quite long (though scenic) and some roads are poor and slow going.

The highest elevation at which we overnight is Stepantsminda (Georgia) at 1740m/5,700 ft; all other locations are below 1000m.

This trip is typical of most of our European tours, which are ambitious and involve full days of travel and sightseeing. While we don't have any actual strenuous activity (ie extended hiking) built into the program, you will do a lot of walking on this trip. These walks will mostly be in the form of walking tours of towns and cities and short walks to dinner. Being Europe, and a hilly/mountainous area, cobbles, uneven surfaces, and slopes/stairs are common. Many past travellers have mentioned that the road journeys, rough edges (uneven sidewalks, lack of hand rails etc), and uneven terrain might combine to make this more of a "2.5" on our 3-tiered difficulty rating system.

If you are accustomed to typical "bus tours," which rely heavily on vehicular transport for all sightseeing activities, you should be aware that this tour is considerably more active.

Am I suitable for this tour? Please refer to our self-assessment form.

Activity Level: 2
These are particularly busy tours that feature a lot of moving around, sometimes by train and short journeys on local transport. Walking tours of towns and cities are leisurely but you should be prepared to be on your feet for several hours. Some of our cultural trips that occur at high altitude and/or require greater independence with baggage handling (at hotels, airports, train stations) also fall into this category.

To learn more about the Activity levels, please visit our tour styles page.

Hotels are comfortable, well-located, air-conditioned, 3-4 star properties with en suite bath/toilet. Hotel in Sheki is an unrated, heritage property. Single rooms are limited and possibly smaller than twins. In more remote locations hotels are of a simpler standard. Porters are generally available (see 'Inclusions').

Staff and Support
Tour Leader throughout, local step-on guides, local drivers.

Group Size
Maximum 18 plus Tour Leader

Tour Extensions
This tour is part of a series that can be upgraded to make for a longer trip. For more options, please refer to tour code/s:

The Five Stans & Caucasus
Tour Overview



Map & Hotels
Map & Hotels

Regions visited: Central And Eastern Europe
Countries visited: Azerbaijan; Georgia and Armenia

*The red tour trail on the map does not represent the actual travel path.

The following is a list of sample hotels at some locations included on this tour. The hotels shown here are meant to provide a general sense of the standard of hotel we usually aim for; they are not necessarily confirmed for your chosen departure.

Radisson Hotel Baku
4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation
Location: Baku
Country: Azerbaijan
With a central location, our Park Inn by Radisson in Baku is well placed for enjoying all that the Azerbaijan capital city has to offer. The hotel has excellent transport connections, too: ... Aliyev International Airport is a 25-minute drive from the hotel, and the main train station is 2 kilometers away. Sahil metro station is just 500 meters from the hotel's front door. Next to the hotel, you'll find the waterfront Milli Park, a 100-year-old promenade that runs along the seafront.
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Macara Sheki City Hotel
4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation
Location: Sheki
Country: Azerbaijan
Macara Sheki City Hotel welcomes guests who appreciate unique style, comfort, and sophistication. A beautiful juxtaposition of the significant historical homestead and contemporary architecture, the hotel is located in historic Sheki City, ... perfect location to enjoy everything the city has to offer.
Read More
Rcheuli Marani Hotel
3 Star Accommodation 3 Star Accommodation 3 Star Accommodation
Location: Telavi
Country: Georgia
Telavi is the main city and administrative center of Georgia's eastern province of Kakheti.

There are 25 comfortable rooms, featuring all exclusive appointments of a high standards hotel with satellite TV
... unlimited internet access at the Hotel "Rcheuli Marani". Guests can enjoy 24-hour concierge service, a restaurant, a conference hall, and 18-hour room service. All rooms have individual climate control, mini-bar and balconies.

You can experience Georgian unique table traditions in the hotel restaurant "Old Marani" which has its wonderful 18th century Georgian wine cellar. It introduces rich traditional dishes as well as dishes of European cuisine and Georgian wine tasting.
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Chateau Kvareli
3 Star Accommodation 3 Star Accommodation 3 Star Accommodation
Location: Telavi
Country: Georgia
Chateau Kvareli text coming soon.
Mountain House Kazbegi
3 Star Accommodation 3 Star Accommodation 3 Star Accommodation
Location: Kazbegi
Country: Georgia
Mountain House Kazbegi offers accommodation with a garden, a terrace and a bar. This 4-star hotel offers room service and a 24-hour front desk.
Berlin Art Hotel
3 Star Accommodation 3 Star Accommodation 3 Star Accommodation
Location: Gyumri
Country: Armenia
The Berlin ARTHotel is, since the opening, a social pilot enterprise under the direction of the non profit organisation "Fuer Armenien e.V. in Berlin. As a non-profit organization, its only purpose is ... contribute to the support and further development of medical care in the outpatient clinic "Berlin Centre for Mother and Child".

The hotel opened its doors to guests in 1996. Since that time it is a favourite of international travellers. What sets this hotel apart from other local hotels is the art Gallery25. All 15 rooms feature the art works of local and international artists.
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Ani Plaza Hotel
4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation 4 Star Accommodation
Location: Yerevan
Country: Armenia
As the biggest hotel in Yerevan, Armenia, Ani Plaza welcomes thousands of tourists to the country every year. Only one block away from the National Opera and Ballet Theater, and a ten ... walk from the Cascade Complex, our centrally-located hotel offers guests spectacular views over the city and the national symbol that is Mount Ararat. Ensuring high- quality service tailored to satisfy even the most demanding clients, the hotel also offers its guests on-site restaurants, cafes, bars, conference rooms, spa and beauty salons, a swimming pool and a fitness center.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
01. What is the maximum number of participants on a trip?
Most of our tours carry a maximum of 18 participants; some tours (ie hiking tours) top out at 16. In the event that we do not achieve our minimum complement by our 90-day deadline, we may offer group members the option of paying a "small-group surcharge" as an alternative to cancellation. If all group members agree, we will confirm the trip at existing numbers; this surcharge is refundable in the event that we ultimately achieve our regular minimum. If the small group surcharge is not accepted, we will offer a refund of your deposit or a different trip of your choice.
02. Can I extend my tour either at the beginning or end? What about stopovers?
Yes, you can extend your tour either at the beginning or the end and we can book accommodation in our tour hotel. Stopovers are often permitted, depending on air routing. Stopovers usually carry a "stopover" fee levied by the airline.
03. How do I make a reservation? How and when do I pay?
The easiest way to make a reservation is via our website; during office hours, you are also more than welcome to contact us by telephone. A non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking; if a reservation is made within 90 days, full payment is required. Some trips require a larger deposit. If international airline bookings require a non-refundable payment in order to secure space or the lowest available fare, we will require an increase in deposit equal to the cost of the ticket(s). Early enrolment is always encouraged as group size is limited and some trips require greater preparation time. Once we have received your deposit, we will confirm your space and send you a confirmation package containing your trip itinerary, any visa/travel permit related documents, invoice, clothing and equipment recommendations, general information on your destination(s), and forms for you to complete, sign and return to us. Your air e-tickets (if applicable), final hotel list, final trip itinerary, and instructions on how to join your tour, will be sent approximately 2-3 weeks prior to departure.
04. What about cancellations, refunds, and transfers?
Please review our cancellation policy page for details.
05. I am a single who prefers my own room. What is a single supplement?
All of our tours have a single supplement for those who want to be guaranteed their own room at each location. This supplement is a reflection of the fact that most hotels around the world do not discount the regular twin-share rate for a room by 50% for only one person occupying a room. Most hotels will give a break on the price, but usually in the range of 25-30% of the twin-share rate. This difference, multiplied by each night, amounts to the single supplement. The conventional amount can also vary from country to country and some destinations are more expensive than others for single occupancy. In order to be "single friendly," the supplements we apply are not a profit centre for us and we do our best to keep them as reasonable as possible. On most tours we limit the number of singles available, not to be punitive, but rather because many hotels allow for only a limited number of singles; some smaller hotels at remote locations also have a limited number of single rooms available. Please note that most single rooms around the world are smaller than twin-share rooms and will likely have only one bed.
06. Do you have a shared accommodation program?
Yes! If you are single traveller and are willing to share, we will do our best to pair you with a same-gender roommate. On most of our tours, if we fail to pair you, we will absorb the single supplement fee and you will default to a single room at no extra charge. At some destinations, however, where single rooms are not significantly discounted, or not at all, we may apply a "mandatory" single in the event that we cannot find you a share partner. This is usually 50% of the usual supplement, but can be as much as 100%. If applicable, this proviso will be noted on each tour page on this website, on your invoice, and in our tour date/price book (available for download under "Resources").


What People are Saying
Ann L.
Mont-Royal, QC - CA
This was just what we were looking for, as much for the excellent background information on what was going on in the region as for the cultural sites and spectacular scenery. Baku City tour in Azerbaijan was striking, more glitzy than expected; Georgia - the whole country was delightful; Armenia - Yerevan area was very interesting. So much excellent food. The local guides were all good.
Heather D.
Brentwood Bay - CA
Adventures Abroad is a great company to travel with! Tour guides are knowledgeable and accommodating. They do their level best to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. This trip was NO exception. Our tour leader was an excellent guide. Local guides did a terrific job. They were all very knowledgeable.
Stanley G.
Buffalo Grove, IL - US
I enjoyed this trip very much. Great tour leader, great trip highlights and excursions, very interesting history. Peter, our tour leader, obviously enjoys this kind of work and is eager to please and help. Bus facilities were excellent, as were the drivers. Good wine, good brandy, good fresh salads.
Joyce H.
Toronto, ON - CA
Local guides were all very good. Buses were large and comfortable, so we could all have our own window seat if we wanted. Peter, our tour leader, was great - really caring about people on the tour - would love to travel with him again.
Barri R.
Seattle, WA - US
Peter was a very attentive tour leader who is kind, nice and knowledgeable. He knows these countries and their culture quite well. He was organized, charming and always available to explain, loan money, fix a computer or a camera, get restaurants that would appeal to most people. He was flexible and very detail oriented with making sure everyone is comfortable and welcomed. He was very responsible and always made sure everyone is on the bus.
Richard W.
La Jolla, CA - US
AA has an excellent travel philosophy, great trips, and reasonable prices. Would enjoy taking more trips with you.
Ed L.
The museums in Georgia were exceptional. Lorna was always cheerful,considerate and exuded self assurance, as well as attention to detail.
Greg F.
Arlington, VA - US
This trip exceeded my expectations! From the sophisticated elegance of Baku, to the beautiful countryside around Sheki, to the amazing journey into the Causasus via Kasbegi, the jeep ride to Juta, quaint Tbilisi, the Georgian countryside, and the uniqueness of Armenia, it had it all. Having perfect weather the entire trip helped. What was the best surprise was the food. Night after night of delicious meals, the most wonderful fruits and vegetables, great beer and wine... The trip really helped me to understand the political difficulties of this region. Talking to the locals, hitting some of the more isolated areas, seeing first hand the daunting geography really hit home the challenges each country faces going forward. Each country was very unique, very proud, very determined.... This trip satisfied all my travel needs. Great scenery, great food, and a lot of learning. Very satisfying
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Countries Visited: 3

Azerbaijan; Georgia; Armenia.
Activity Level: 2

These are particularly busy tours that feature a lot of moving around, sometimes by train and short journeys on local transport. Walking tours of towns and cities are leisurely but you should be prepared to be on your feet for several hours. Some of our cultural trips that occur at high altitude and/or require greater independence with baggage handling (at hotels, airports, train stations) also fall into this category.

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Tour Style: Cultural

These three- and four-star hotel-based, "soft adventure" trips concentrate on the culture, history, and natural attributes of our destination. Though there are no strenuous activities built into these tours, you need to be prepared for some full days with some early starts, plenty of walking on uneven surfaces through villages, cities and archaeological sites, and not a lot of "down time." Independence, reasonable fitness, and an ability to be steady on one's feet are critical in order for you to get the most out of these programs.

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