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ES2 Southern Spain Tour

10 days from Madrid to Sevilla

If you have trouble determining a destination based on deciding between the culinary delights, architectural feats, or cultural marvels, then our…

ES1 Northern Spain Tour

12 days from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

XPE Pyrenees Explorer Tour

13 days from Barcelona to Barcelona

There are many reasons to visit the Pyrenees on our Pyrenees Explorer Tour - skiing, food, art and architecture - but hiking is one of the best ways…

XPR The Way Of Saint James Tour

16 days from Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela

The Way Of Saint James has captured the imaginations of active travellers since the Middle Ages. Spain itself has a spectacular past that seems…

PS2 Northern Spain & Portugal Tour

16 days from Lisbon to Barcelona

Across the sun-drenched Iberian Peninsula are two countries with a soul and history that go hand in hand. Our Northern Spain and Portugal tours…

ES4 Spain & Morocco Tour

18 days from Madrid to Casablanca

Separated only by the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco tours venture to two countries worlds apart but intricately woven together through…

ES3 Spain: North & South Tour

18 days from Santiago de Compostela to Sevilla

Take an adventure through the heart of Spain on our Spain: North & South tour and see how a country that has so much to offer in terms of history,…

MCMS Microstates Of Europe Tour

20 days from Rome to Antwerp

This unique San Marino, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, Luxembourg & Vatican City tour gives an incredible overview of some of the hidden gems of…

ES6 Spain & Morocco Tour

24 days from Madrid to Marrakech

One look at the mountains framing the sky or the lakes that mirror any beauty that happens to be above the calm surface and we will come to…

PS3 Portugal & Spain Tour

25 days from Lisbon to Sevilla

On this Portugal & Spain tour we see how referring to history as existing in a series of layers can be an analogy taken quite literally when we see…

ES5 Spain & Morocco Tour

26 days from Santiago de Compostela to Casablanca

Both Spain and Morocco serve as perfect examples as to why flying to the other side of the world could be one of the most important life decisions…

ES7 Spain & Morocco Tour

32 days from Santiago de Compostela to Marrakech

This extensive Spain and Morocco tour provides enough time for those who are fond of exploration to turn over as many stones as possible in the…

PS4 Portugal, Spain & Morocco Tour

33 days from Lisbon to Casablanca

Our Portugal, Spain and Morocco tour is one solid 32-day adventure that will leave us with a stronger desire to expose ourselves to more worldly…

PS5 Portugal, Spain & Morocco Tour

39 days from Lisbon to Marrakech

If we are to conjure up images of Portugal, we might picture white-stone balconies supporting various arrangements of flower pots. When thinking…


More About Spain

Located in Western Europe, our guided tours of Spain explore the continent's fourth largest country, boasting a 5,000 km coastline, which touches the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Bay of Biscay.

Historically, whether you believe Spain's name derived from the Pharaoh's regarding to the area as 'the land that forged metals' or that it derives from the Greek's poetic use of the term Hesperia, meaning "land of the setting sun", there is little doubt that Spain has an interesting past.

To embark on one of our guided tours of Spain, is to realize the significance this country has imparted on the world. Once the head of the Spanish Empire, Spain was responsible for the funding of Christopher Columbus' voyage to the New World. As Columbus crossed the Atlantic, he would begin European expansion and in turn Spain would emerge as the first truly global power.

Despite Spain at the time being an area ruled by separate kingdoms, each with their own culture, language, laws and currency, during the Spanish Empire's conquest of foreign soils it amassed large wealth through colonies in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Northern Africa and parts of Europe.

It was during this time that Spain had a golden age, a near century and a half where art, music and literature flourished. In the north of the country our guided tours of Spain include visits to the Prado, which houses all the finest works collected by Spanish royalty including Velasquez, Goya, Ribera, El Greco and Zurbaran.

Before Spain became the Spanish Empire, another impressive empire claimed its land on the Iberian Peninsula. The Moors. With legacies ranging from subtle to over the top, the Moorish Muslims conquered Iberia in 711 and held on to territories until 1492. Masterpieces such as the Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, and the Moorish Alcazar Palace in Seville are some of the finest examples of Islamic architecture. All built within the 781 occupation of Spain, each site has a particular specialty.

The Great Mosque of Cordoba was created in the 10th century after being rebuilt on a site that was used by the Romans in the 2nd century. The Alhambra was originally built as a fortress but became a red brick palace sprawling over a million square feet in size. The Alcazar in Seville is so ornate and intricate in its architecture, it remains a Royal Palace to this day. All three of these Moorish sites are visited on our Spain tours.

Spain is often associated with the spread of Christianity, and within the country many spectacular places of worship exist. From the end of the pilgrimage at Santiago de Compostela to the yet to be completed gargantuan Le Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, there is a church or cathedral in nearly every town we visit on our guided tours of Spain. One can easily appreciate the passion of the artists involved in creating these important symbols.

Tours to Spain, whether on a Northern Spain tour or Southern Spain tour are a spectacular insight to a civilization that influenced a large portion of the world. Join us on a tour across the plains, plateaus and mountain ranges of Spain as we enjoy a tapa or two as well as some delicious Spanish wine.


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