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MO1 Morocco Tour

8 days from Casablanca to Casablanca

MO5 Morocco Tour

14 days from Casablanca to Marrakech

This Morocco tour takes us to a land that has been known to inspire and astound. When gazing up at the Corinthian columns of Meknes we can easily…

ES4 Spain & Morocco Tour

18 days from Madrid to Casablanca

Separated only by the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco tours venture to two countries worlds apart but intricately woven together through…

ES6 Spain & Morocco Tour

24 days from Madrid to Marrakech

One look at the mountains framing the sky or the lakes that mirror any beauty that happens to be above the calm surface and we will come to…

ES5 Spain & Morocco Tour

26 days from Santiago de Compostela to Casablanca

Both Spain and Morocco serve as perfect examples as to why flying to the other side of the world could be one of the most important life decisions…

ES7 Spain & Morocco Tour

32 days from Santiago de Compostela to Marrakech

This extensive Spain and Morocco tour provides enough time for those who are fond of exploration to turn over as many stones as possible in the…

PS4 Portugal, Spain & Morocco Tour

33 days from Lisbon to Casablanca

Our Portugal, Spain and Morocco tour is one solid 32-day adventure that will leave us with a stronger desire to expose ourselves to more worldly…

PS5 Portugal, Spain & Morocco Tour

39 days from Lisbon to Marrakech

If we are to conjure up images of Portugal, we might picture white-stone balconies supporting various arrangements of flower pots. When thinking…


More About Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco, located in the north west corner of Africa, is a region with rugged mountains, vast deserts, lush oases and bustling medinas. Despite being inhabited since Paleolithic times, sometime between 190,000 and 90,000 BC, the current culture is a blend of two dynamic ethnic groups: the Arabs and the Berbers.

The pre- and post-Arab kingdoms of Berber people have existed in Northern Africa since the time of antiquity and many of their traditions are still followed in the pastoral lands of the Atlas and Middle Atlas mountains. The expansion of Islam in 7th century and the arrival of Arabs in Morocco, would forever change the dynamics of the country. Listening to the numerous mosques' calls to prayer that chime through the alleys and countryside, it is easy to see that Islam is the predominant religion. Mosques such as Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, are believed to be only second in size to Islam's most important site, Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Throughout history, Morocco has been on the traditional trade route from the Sahara to the Mediterranean. The Romans left their mark with Volubulis, once one of the Roman Empire's most remote outposts. Over time historic 8th century caravan town such as of Rissani appeared, a refuel stop along the Tafilalt Oasis.

For centuries the dominant axis within Morocco was of Fes and Marrakech, two cities linked by their immense power and rivalry. Fes is still seen as the spiritual and cultural capital and holds an enduring fascination for visitors on Morocco tours with one of the largest historic medinas full of monuments reflecting the different periods of Morocco's imperial past.

The city medinas are a lively place, full of winding alleys where everything from food to clothing can be purchased. In the desert regions, medinas are protected with a fortress wall called kasbah.

Often regarded as a region where the Saharan desert and Atlantic meet, Morocco tours showcase a country that is in fact quite mountainous. From the Middle Atlas to the snowy peaks of the High Atlas, many parts of the country feature regions of folded mountains, windswept plateaus, vast forests of cork oak and cedar, and lakes and streams full of trout.

Within the mountains are spectacular sights such as Todra Gorge, a vast fault in the plateau separating the High Atlas from the Jbel Sarhro, with two sheer cliffs over 300 metres (958 ft) high separated by a narrow corridor only 20 metres (66 ft) wide.

In complete contrast to the colourful and dramatic mountain scenery, the sand dunes of Merzouga are home to huge drifting expanses of sand reaching heights of more than 45 metres (148 ft). Their colour shifts from pink to gold to red to white depending on the time of day.

Morocco tours offer a chance to see the gateway to Africa. A country diverse in biology, landscapes and people that bonds over the love of a mint tea. This is a country where tradition is intricately woven into daily life to create a unique and memorable destination.


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