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TA3 Taiwan Tour

8 days from Taipei to Taipei

Despite being among the world's most densely populated areas, on our Taiwan tour you’ll discover Taiwan is a place full of jaw dropping natural…

TA4 Taiwan & South Korea Tour

15 days from Taipei to Busan

Introducing our Taiwan & South Korea Tour, an enticing combination with our long-time South Korea itinerary and a new comprehensive exploration of La…

TA6 Taiwan, South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour

34 days from Taipei to Fukuoka

Our Taiwan, South Korea & Japan By Rail Tour is a spectacular 34-day journey that includes a full South Korea land tour package, Taiwan tour package…


More About Taiwan

Known for centuries as Isla Formosa or the Beautiful Island, Taiwan is an emerald green island that holds both beauty and a fascinating history. Despite being one of the most densely-populated places on earth, this island is home to a natural wonderland of luscious forests that cling to steep mountainsides and offer up classic views around every corner. Taiwan tours offer the chance to cross the rolling hills, venture beyond the plains to spectacular coastlines and captivating cities.

Historically, the original inhabitants of Taiwan are thought to apart of the group of seafarers that ended up inhabiting much of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. These Austronesian peoples are related through blood or linguistic ties to people across precolonial Oceania, as far away as Madagascar. The tribes developed pottery, basketry, woodcarvings, musical instruments and colourful costumes.

Isolated for centuries, the indigenous peoples remained land are thought to have only had a few fishermen settling on their island until Europeans began setting up trading posts in the 17th century. After the opening of the ports by the Spanish and Dutch, Formosa fell under the rule of the Chinese Qing Dynasty in the 17th century followed by the Japanese in the late 19th century. It was the Japanese that would industrialize the country, and would heavily rely on Taiwan during the WWII Pacific Theatre. Following the Japanese defeat in WWII, all the Japanese inhabitants would be expelled with the country surrendered, however, their presence would be replaced by nearly two million Chinese fleeing the rise of communism on mainland China after successful communist gains in the Chinese Civil War.

The culture of Imperial China is a shared history among many of the Taiwanese. Our Taiwan tours ensure a stop in Taipei's world-famous National Palace Museum, which the world's largest collection of Chinese artifacts of porcelain, paintings, jade, bronze, tapestries and other art objects that once belonged to the emperors of China. In 1949, the collection was brought to Taiwan by Chiang Kai Shek's armies.

Despite a large influx of people, the landscape of Taiwan has remained stunning. Our Taiwan tours take a drive along eastern coast of Taiwan where nature is less tamed on this side of the island. Our drive will take us past the Qingshui Cliffs, more than 1,000 meters high and they drop almost vertically into the sea. The highway snakes along its curving face, with the sheer cliffs rising on one side and a sheer drop to the ocean on the other until Taroko Gorge. The gorge itself is a marble canyon featuring a rushing white water river, towering cliffs, hiking trails and even the odd hot spring.

From the peaceful to the fast paced, Taiwan is a country that is also continually changing and advancing. While still adhering to the traditions of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism with cultural centres in Tainan and Taipei allowing a perfect explanation to these ancient practices, high speed trains whisk travellers away to impressive skylines and buzzing cities.

Known for its splendid beauty, its 15,000 temples that are home to tolerant preachings, its delicious samplings of cuisine that includes both Chinese and Japanese delicacies, Taiwan is the perfect destination for those wanting a blend of adventure and cosmopolitan explorations.


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