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More About France

No other country in the world conjures up romantic notions quite like France does. From the rows of lavender fields that bloom from June to August in Provence, to the vineyards of Champagne and to the city of love itself, Paris, France is a timeless country with endless beauty.

Our escorted tours of France go beyond the idyllic settings of old-world charms to discover a country with elaborate and intricate histories as well as a culture that balances both the past and modern traditions seamlessly.

The history of France is long with traces of human activity dating back 1.8 million years, cave paintings such as Lascaux dating back 20,000 years, and megalithic stone structures at Carnac thought to be from 3,300 BC.

With the Mediterranean Sea bordering France to the South, empires such as the Greeks and Romans created settlements before the Barbarian, Germanic, and Celtic invasions began. After a Frankish Empire was established in the late 5th century, turmoil over the centuries would take place as well as dramatic shifts in government and ruling patterns.

The storming of Bastille to protect the National Assembly sparked the French Revolution in 1789 followed by the seizure of control by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799, which would forever change the French Republic.

During our escorted tours of France we cover the historical sites from the Middle Ages to its involvement in the World Wars. As a destination, France is so much more than just a look into history. It is a country with a beautiful landscape stretching from the cliffs and sand dunes that overlook the North Sea and English Channel to the strikingly blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea that lap onto the French Riviera.

With an interior that soars into the French Alps and Pyrenees Mountains, and an eastern border marked by the Rhine River, there is simply so much variety in French landscapes to enjoy.

With groups capped at 18 people and an English speaking guide leading groups to hidden treasures along the way, each day on our escorted tours of France provides an opportunity to have fun while discovering the culture that makes up this incredible country.

Whether that includes a guided tour amongst world famous museums such as the Louvre, listening to a musician in a classical French theatre, watching the Eiffel Tower light up at night, taking a stroll through the lily-clad gardens Monet painted, or tasting a mouth watering croissant from a local cafe, France is a country that will excite all of the senses.

Discover the beauty on the mainland of France, in the capital of Paris, the historic site of Mont-St-Michel, to further flung island gems like the forests of Corsica which include holmoak, juniper, gorse, cistus, lentisk, buckthorn, rosemary, privet, laurel, heather, blackberry, lavender and myrtle, or the far reaching western island of St Pierre and Miquelon near Newfoundland, Canada.

France is a destination that continues to remain at the top of the world's must do and for good reason. If you have never seen the beauty of La Belle France, now is the time.


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