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More About Andorra

It may seem strange for such a tiny nation to pack such a powerful punch. Tucked away on the south side of the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, Andorra's size is the sixth smallest in Europe and population limited to under 80,000.

What Andorra lacks in population and sizeable area, it gains in scenic beauty. Resting high in the eastern Pyrenees mountains at 1,023 metres (3,356 feet) above sea level, this mountainous town is surrounded by tumbling valleys begging to be explored.

Taking in the best of both France and Spain, Andorra tours highlight this individual nation that has been known across Europe for its flavourful cuisine, picturesque mountains, and endless activities.

With so few towns within its borders, Andorra-la-Valle is where our Andorra tours call home. A city that is regarded for its low taxes, plentiful shopping and easy going banking laws, our Andorra tours focus on the history and scenery of this area.

Set amongst the confluence of two mountain streams, the Valira del Nord and the Valira del Orient which join to form the Gran Valira, the town itself is a maze of smart hotels and clusters of old world glamour.

On our Andorra tours, we'€™ll wander the old cobbled streets that are lined with stone houses, spy the 16th century parliament house, and take in the various churches spread around town. The oldest around is the Santa Coloma, a 9th century church with a 12th century bell tower.

Those on our Andorra tours will notice the pockets of old-world charm still be found in the old center, with the Barri Antic still much as it was some centuries ago. In many areas modern times seem to have caught up with the attractive piazzas, as music festivals and friendly locals host events throughout the year.

Legend has it that Charlemagne (Charles the Great) founded Andorra in the 9th century, during a time when the Moors were quickly conquering the Iberian Peninsula. Historians have placed Andorra's roots to the Neolithic age with more recent influences ranging from the Roman Empire, the Visigoths, and the Frankish Empires. Some of these influences are apparent in the country'€™s culture centre, the Government Exhibition hall located in Andorra-la-Valle.

As enticing as the city is, it is the allure of the mountains and their stunning setting around the town that make this place memorable. The only way to describe the mountains here are rugged, and are covered with a boreal forest one would expect in such an alpine setting.

Conifers such as fir trees, pine, and junipers grow side by side to oak, chestnut, and beech trees. High above the alpine valleys and wildflower meadows, golden eagles soar while the rush of tourism that sweeps many of Andorra la Vella streets feel miles away.

While in the summer Andorra enjoys mild weather and warm temperatures, in the winter the high elevation makes it one of Europe'€™s top skiing and snow destinations.

A tiny nation amongst the micro states of Europe, Andorra tours offer a chance to explore somewhere unique and attractive, where fresh air and mountains are on no short supply.


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