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Whether you have heard the call of the wild or just wish to experience nature in a closer setting, our wildlife tours give the chance to get closer to the natural world. Across the globe there are numerous opportunities to spot wildlife, from big game to tiny insects to colourful birds and everything in between. No matter the season, no matter the continent, there is always the chance to take in the splendors of the environment that make up this planet.

Oftentimes, African safaris are thought of as the pinnacle of wildlife tours. Safari is a word that simply means travel in Swahili, but for many, it alludes to images of sweeping savannas, big snarling cats, and thundering herds of elephant and wildebeest. Places like Kenya provide the ultimate backdrop for wildlife tours. It is a land of glacier-coated mountains, arid plains and thick rainforest, and giant escarpments visible from space. Kenya wildlife tours offer dramatic landscapes with some of the best locations for wildlife viewing and photography in the world.

Further south, across South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia, game drives often include looking out for the 'big five' (the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros) in a spectacular array of landscapes. From desert dunes to waterlogged deltas to vast plains to rocky escarpments, wildlife tours in Southern Africa are varied and exciting. Cross the ocean to Madagascar and one will be on the lookout for lemurs as over 60 different type of lemurs call the region home. The lemur is classified as a primate, albeit a small one. Our wildlife tours also include a visit with the world's largest primate, the gorilla.

Found in the depths of humid and lush jungles on a journey for those searching for experiences with nature, it would be hard to beat witnessing a gorilla family up close in the mountains of Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Rwanda's Parc National des Volcans. Both parks boast a large population of mountain gorillas found deep within the rainforests at higher altitudes on sometimes steep slopes.

Out of Africa, plenty of wildlife tours exist and are truly memorable. Track tigers in Southern India alongside spotted deer, Indian bison, panther, wild boar, sloth bear and herds of wild elephant. In Borneo, discover the Sepilok Orangutans, found in the largest orangutan sanctuary in the world. Look for birds of paradise in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, two countries considered to be of mega-biodiversity classification.

Across the ocean, learn why Costa Rica is often touted for its eco-tourism. Costa Rica is known as a tropical haven with cloud forests, serene lakes, and plentiful wildlife. As one of the world's most biodiverse countries with over a quarter of the land dedicated to environmental protection, it is no wonder that Costa Rica wildlife tours attract the nature lover. Spot the magnificent colours of a trogon, hummingbird, quetzal, macaw, or tucan. In the Monteverde Cloud Forest, over four hundred bird species can be spotted. For bird spotting, the Pantanal in Brazil is considered another hotspot with more than 600 bird species along with jaguars, capybara, caimans, and anteaters among other larger animals.

The Amazon wildlife tours have been famed for so long due to their exotic soundtracks of nature at night but slightly north is the chance to explore with perceivably no other tourists while in the Guyanas.

On all of our wildlife tours, we know that where one stays it matters. Adventures Abroad offers stays to quality accomodation in well placed positions for the best chance to spot wildlife and ensure quality vehicles are used when taking game drives. For variety, we utilize many different means to get closer to nature including boat rides and jungle walks. In our groups, we'll be accompanied by professional and knowledge tour guides that travel using sustainable practices which ensure quality interactions with nature.

No matter where in the world you decide to go, there is an exciting slice of nature waiting to be discovered. Find out why Adventures Abroad is a leader in wildlife tours today.

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