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At Adventures Abroad, we believe being without a travel partner shouldn't limit your ability to explore the world. One of the great benefits of our small group tour format is that even if you don't have someone ready, willing or able to share in memorable experiences in far-flung lands, you can't fail to forge new relationships (and often life-long friendships) with other group members, some of whom will also be travelling solo. We find there's often a good mix of couples, groups of friends, and solo travellers on our tours, which makes for a great dynamic for adventure.

For more than 25 years we've specialized in group and single travel tours, creating trips of a lifetime for valued clients across the English-speaking world. Our tours are crafted to accommodate small groups of like-minded individuals and our itineraries suit couples, groups of friends, single travellers over 50 and singles travel club enthusiasts. Our travellers are passionate about travel, curious about cultures and customs, and have adventurous spirits.

However remote and isolated your desired destination is, we have many other single travellers and single travel clubs joining our small group travel tours with the same intent of exploring.

Within our travel tours, we create tour options for solo travellers, as single travel over 50 isn't always easy. We know time a precious commodity and work hard to ensure time spent travelling with us is stress-free and smooth sailing. This is why every detail is handled by a professional and our itineraries are continually improved.

While some enjoy having their own space, others prefer to be paired with another solo traveller to take advantage of the lower double occupancy rate. Whatever your travel situation, all are welcome on our Adventures Abroad small group tours.

Mealtimes are a shared experience, with breakfast included at each hotel, on-the-go lunches—often taking place in busy city squares—and group dinners in local restaurants with exciting menus to choose from.

Friendly, local guides infuse each day with their knowledge of customs, history, geography, flora and fauna. Because our groups comprise no more than 18 participants, plus an Adventures Abroad Tour Leader, rest assured you'll be able to hear and speak with the guides.

By travelling as a group, discounts are often applied across ground transportation, accommodation, and entrance fees. Our small group tours also have access to areas off-limits to the general public, which makes our tours even more valuable.

We all have different reasons for travelling without a partner. Solo travel within small group travel tours can be a wonderful experience, especially when you take into account the added safety with group travel.

And the best part about joining a small group tour as a single traveller? All you need to do is relax and enjoy the sights. By having a team of professionals managing the logistics of your entire tour, along with the added benefit of an experienced tour leader to ensure each day goes smoothly, we make even the most challenging destination feel easy and safe.

Many of our guests are from Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. While our group members have different backgrounds, they function on a high level of mutual respect and often find conversations with other group members rewarding. We've even heard of a few group members forming informal single travel clubs.

At Adventures Abroad, we want single travel over 50 to be something you look forward to. Making memories with new friends and sharing laughs together on one of our small group tours makes the road less lonely and more enjoyable.

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