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Single Travel Tours

Single Travel Tours

It is often a predicament we all face: the desire to travel and the will to explore but no one to venture abroad with. Perhaps the culprit is a simple difference in interests, or lack of time on one side, lack of funds on another. We believe being without a travel partner should never limit one's ability to explore. Luckily, joining our solo travel tours has never been easier. Departing to over 120 countries with nearly 400 unique itineraries, the hardest decision is where to go first.

Adventures Abroad has been specializing in single travel tours for over 25 years. We craft each tour to accommodate a small group of like-minded individuals, ideally suited to single travel over 50 and singles travel clubs. Our travellers are passionate about travel, curious about cultures and customs, have an adventurous spirit, and are keen to discover different perspectives from around the globe.

As an English based tour, our group members hail from Canada, USA, Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand mostly. Many in our group have different backgrounds, but our groups function on a high level of mutual respect and often find conversations with group members rewarding. Although we have many members that show up solo on our travel tours, often is the case that friends for life are made, future travel companions are discovered, or informal single travel clubs are formed.

With single travel tours, we create tour options for our solo travellers, as single travel over 50 isn't always easy. Some prefer to be paired up, sharing a room with a member of the same sex and therefore taking advantage of the lower rate that comes with double occupancy.

Others prefer to have an individual room to take advantage of downtime to be alone with their thoughts. Regardless of the decision, each solo traveller is made to feel welcome in a diverse group of travellers excited to explore their chosen destination.

Mealtimes are a shared experience, with breakfast included at each hotel, group dinners taking place in local restaurants with exciting menus to choose from and on-the-go lunches often taking place in busy city squares, with many local options or a scenic stop with a recommendation from the tour leader.

The best part of joining a group of solo travel tours? All you'll need to do is relax and enjoy the sights visited. By having a team of professionals in each region managing the logistics of transportation and accommodation, along with an expert tour leader ensuring each day goes smoothly, our tours make even the most challenging of destinations feel easy and secure.

Friendly local guides will infuse each day with their endless knowledge on local customs, historical events, modern ideals, geographical curiosities, with information on flora as well as fauna. As a small group limited to 18 people, rest assured you'll be able to hear and talk to the guides as well as tour leader.

However remote and isolated the destination you wish to travel to is, we have as many other single travellers and single travel clubs joining our solo travel tours with the same intent of exploring.

By combining and travelling as a group, discounts are often applied across ground transportation or accommodation or entrance fees, access is opened up to areas off limits for solo independent travellers, which in turn makes each individual in our groups access incredible value for the tours we conduct.

For many of us, there are different reasons we end up travelling without a set travel partner. But solo travel within single travel tours can be a wonderful thing when you take into account the added safety with group travel.

We know time is one of life's most precious commodities and want to ensure any time while travelling with us is stress free and smooth sailing. This is why every detail is handled by professionals and itineraries are continually tweaked for improvements.

We know that making memories with new friends, sharing laughs about funny travel moments make the road less lonely and more enjoyable, and make single travel over 50 something to look forward to. We know that great travel experiences encompass many things to many people, and have a 30-year history with creating trips of a lifetime.

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