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ML1 Malta Tour

6 days from Valleta to Valleta

On our Malta tour you'll see that, though small, Malta manages to cram just about everything a traveller could want between its borders: ancient…

IT8 Northern Italy Tour

8 days from Florence to Venice

From the Renaissance grandeur of its buildings, the abundance of its art galleries and the romantic warmth of its Tuscan atmosphere, Florence is a…

PS1 Portugal Tour

8 days from Lisbon to Porto

The country of Portugal seems vast in so many respects; such is evident in the copious amounts of ancient structures that are located along the…

GC2 Classical Greece Tour

9 days from Athens to Athens

As the birthplace of western democracy, there is something strangely familiar to those who partake on our Greece guided tours. Perhaps it is the…

GI4 Greek Island Hopping Tour

9 days from Athens to Athens

In the sun-drenched islands of Greece, it is easy to get lost in the deep azure blue of the Aegean Sea and the postcard perfect viewpoints that…

BS1 Baltic States & Helsinki Tour

9 days from Vilnius to Helsinki

Embark on this Baltic States tour that packs an incredible array of distinct culture and tradition into a remarkably compact geography. The capitals…

IT7 Northern Italy Tour

10 days from Rome to Florence

At 10 days in length, this adventure through Northern Italy may seem relatively short on paper, but it is so chock-full of highlights that it will…

ES2 Southern Spain Tour

10 days from Madrid to Sevilla

If you have trouble determining a destination based on deciding between the culinary delights, architectural feats, or cultural marvels, then our…

ES1 Northern Spain Tour

12 days from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid

IC3 Iceland Group Tours

12 days from Reykjavik to Reykjavik

In the land of fire and ice, one can expect a landscape of rugged mountains and swirling seas that will leave nature enthusiasts breathless. Discover…

IT20 Northern Italy For Less! Tour

12 days from Rome to Venice

Experience a wide range of incredible highlights on our Northern Italy For Less! Tour, an off-season, super-saver exploration of Northern Italy.…

BS2 Russia And Baltic States Tours

13 days from Vilnius to St Petersburg

In the far northern region of Europe, our Russia and Baltic States tours explore a region of turbulent history, opulent eras, and individual…

XSW Switzerland On Foot Tour

13 days from Zurich to Zurich

The Switzerland On Foot Tour is a gentle guided walking tour combining some of Switzerland's medieval historic Old Towns with the top three scenic…

XPM Piemonte Panorama Tour

13 days from Torino to Torino

We're very excited to once again offer a more active tour in Italy, the Piemonte Panorama Tour. Years ago we did a hiking tour in Tuscany and…

XHT Hiking Bohemia, Moravia & The Tatras Tour

13 days from Vienna to Bratislava

Slovakia's High Tatras mountain range sits quietly in the shadow of the Alps, yet within a compact 60-by-25km (40-by-15 mile) range stand two dozen…

XPE Pyrenees Explorer Tour

13 days from Barcelona to Barcelona

There are many reasons to visit the Pyrenees on our Pyrenees Explorer Tour - skiing, food, art and architecture - but hiking is one of the best ways…

GI6 Greek Island Tours

14 days from Athens to Athens

Greek Island Tours: join us on an exquisite, two-week adventure to experience the islands of Greece and discover lands of stellar landscapes,…

IT1 Northern Italy Tours

14 days from Rome to Venice

Few places in the world have as high of a reputation as a cultural and historic tour de force as Italy does. While dreaming of an Italian vacation,…

IT6 Southern Italy Tour

14 days from Palermo to Rome

Few countries ooze as much of a romantic appeal as Italy does. From the language to the architecture, Italy is often dreamed of as the postcard…

XGI Hiking The Greek Isles Tour

14 days from Athens to Athens

Our Hiking the Greek Isles tour begins and end in the iconic capital of Athens, a city steeped in ancient history, and serving as the perfect hub to…


More About Western Europe

Western Europe Group Tours by Adventures Abroad: Lands as old as time with far flung castles, wide reaching cultures, dramatic landscapes, and culinary masterpieces that go back generations, a trip on one of our guided European tours is unforgettable.

With a landmass larger than the United States of America, and with fifty sovereign states, the hardest part in looking at our Europe group tours is narrowing where you would like to go.

Western Europe is home to some of the world's most iconic sights and buildings. Architectural wonders include the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of democracy; the Colosseum of Rome or St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, head of the Catholic world; Buckingham Palace in London sits alongside countless historically important buildings, built before and after the great fire of London; the Eiffel Tower's glow is seen from across the city, while museums such as the Louvre in Paris, Guggenheim in Bilbao, Prado in Madrid are among just a few of thousands of galleries housing the great masterpieces of our time.

Prehistoric marvels aren't limited to the well-known Stonehenge in England or Hagar Qim and Ggantija in Malta. Caves with paintings that date back up to 40,000 years can be found across Europe, in Spain and France notably.

Perhaps it is the cuisine on our Europe group tours that is best to describe. The herring in the Netherlands, a bratwurst in Germany, goulash in Hungary, beer in Belgium, wine in Italy or France, moussaka in Greece, haggis in Scotland, Irish stew, Polish pierogies, Swiss cheese fondue, Swedish meatballs, potica in Slovenia, the list could continue forever.

Our Western Europe group tours have the day to explore and the night to understand local culture with evening meals in local restaurants eating local fare.

To work up an appetite, we include mild to moderate activity as described in our various activity level guides to see the landscapes that make Europe so diverse. Our Europe group tours also explore by all types of transportation.

By sea, we explore the tumbling waterfalls and small fishing villages found in the Norwegian fjords down to the idyllic blue waters of the Greek Isles. Our train journeys take us over scenic mountain passes in the Alps through to the vineyard-lined hillsides of Tuscany.

We count waterfalls while walking on boardwalks across Plitvice National Park in Croatia, and get windswept in the High Tatras on the Poland-Slovakia border. We see great rivers such as the Danube, Rhine or Seine, and mountains such as the Alps, Pyrenees and Carpathian.

Our Western Europe group tours are a must for everyone, just where to go first is the question.


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