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Join us at Adventures Abroad for senior travel tours that offer outstanding value in small-group packages, spanning over 120 countries including Asia Travel, Africa Travel, Americas Travel, Middle East Travel, Europe Travel, Oceania Travel and beyond. While our tours have been a favourite for all manner of travellers for more than thirty years, they are thoughtfully designed to suit the needs and interests of senior adventurers.

Our tours feature over 350 unique itineraries, expertly blending top sightseeing spots with hidden gems. These tours are especially considerate of the preferences of travellers over 50, offering a balanced combination of adventure and relaxation. Adventures Abroad's signature tours are ideal for seniors who enjoy exploring the world in the company of like-minded people.

We focus on creating culturally immersive experiences, perfect for seniors who wish to deeply engage with local communities, enjoy diverse culinary experiences, and truly understand the cultures they visit. Our itineraries are carefully graded for physical activity, allowing seniors to choose a tour that best fits their activity level and interests.

For active seniors, our series of Active Tours offers an ideal blend of city or nature explorations at a leisurely pace. These tours are designed for over 50s and provide detailed estimates of walking distances and times, offering a unique alternative to traditional tours.

For those seeking a more customized experience, our travel experts are on hand to create Custom Tours that meet your unique needs and interests, with a particular focus on senior travellers.

Adventures Abroad tours, ranging from 7 to 45 days, are particularly suited for travellers aged 50 and above. These "soft adventure" trips focus on cultural, historical, and natural aspects of destinations. Our flexible tour modules allow seniors to select the duration that best fits their schedule, from short stays to extended adventures.

Unlike typical large bus tours, our groups are limited to 18 participants, ensuring a more intimate and interactive experience. This small-group setting enhances learning and social interaction, and ensures every question is heard and answered by the guide.

With over three decades of expertise, Adventures Abroad is a leader in senior tours. We meticulously plan each itinerary and oversee every aspect of the tour. Our tours are regularly updated to include new attractions and exclude those that no longer shine.

Our commitment to a no-shopping policy ensures that our tours focus exclusively on educational experiences, aligning with the preferences of travellers who prioritize learning and cultural engagement over shopping.

Explore the world with Adventures Abroad's senior tours, where every journey is an adventure crafted to suit the experienced traveller, promising new discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

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