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Mayan Pyramid of the Magician Uxmal Mexico

Yucatan Tours – The Mayan Adventures

The Yucatan peninsula juts out into the warm waters of the Caribbean, and our Yucatan tours show the beauty, history, cuisine and culture of Mexico and Belize, the two countries whose territory is part of it.

Mayan Pyramid of the Magician Uxmal Mexico

The Mayan Pyramid of the Magician is located in Uxmal, Mexico. This impressive pyramid is 131 feet tall, and was rediscovered in the early 1800s.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore ancient Mayan temples, swim in the Caribbean’s turquoise waters, lined with gorgeous, and seemingly endless, white sand beaches. Our Yucatan tours begin in Mexico and finish in Belize. Continue reading

Cathedral de Granada Park Colon Granada Nicaragua

What to see in Central America

Deciding what to see in Central America can be overwhelming. Spanning seven countries, it is hard to decide whether to focus on Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Belize, or El Salvador. Allow us to break down what to expect while touring Central America.

Momotombo volcano Nicaragua San Jacinto mud pots

There are more than 50 volcanic cones in Nicaragua, and seven of them are active. Evidence of volcanic activity is easily found there. Credit R Kristensen

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