Adventures Abroad tour of Greece

Single Travel Tours – No Travel Partner? No Problem!

Here’s a problem many of us face in regard to travel: the desire to explore burns inside but you have no one to share your adventures with. In potential travel partners, the problem could be a difference in goals and interests, not enough time or not enough money.

Adventures Abroad tour of Greece

This photo was taken on one of our exciting tours of Greece, which are always popular with our travellers.


At Adventures Abroad, we believe that a lack of a travel partner should not limit someone’s ability to travel. With our single travel tours, fulfilling your travel dreams is easy. With 120+ travel destinations and almost 400 unique travel itineraries, the toughest decision for you is, where do I travel to first?

Adventures Abroad has specialized in single travel tours for 30+ years, and our tours are specially crafted for small groups of like-minded travellers. Our tours are ideal for over 50s and senior travel clubs. People who travel with us have a curiosity about customs, cultures and perspectives from around the planet, in addition to their travel passion and spirit of adventure.

Our tours are English-based, with travellers from New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, the USA and Canada. While those on our single travel tours come from diverse backgrounds, they share a passion for travel, mutual respect, and enjoy the bonds and connections they form. Many show up on our tours as single travellers and end up making lifelong friends and meeting future travel companions.

On our single travel tours, you have the option to share a room with someone of the same sex, along with the lower rate due to double occupancy, or to have an individual room. If time for reflection is important, this might be a good option. In any case, each member of our travel groups is made to feel welcome as we explore exciting destination.

Meals are shared, and breakfast is included at each of the hotels we stay at. Our group dinners are at local restaurants, giving you a chance to discuss your adventures of the day with your travel companions, but also to sample local cuisine. Lunch is typically on-the-go, and is another great opportunity to try local food.

You’ll be happy to know that groups on our single travel tours are limited to 18, making our groups nimble, you can easily get to know the members of our travel groups, and we’re able to get to places larger groups may not be able to go.

The best part of our single travel tours is that we have all the details taken care of, so you are able to enjoy the sites we visit, and relax knowing everything is in order. Our travel professionals handle all the logistics: accommodation, transportation, meals, etc. Our expert tour leaders keep things running smoothly, no matter how challenging the destination.

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