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Cuba Travel: Photo Tour Of A Charming Caribbean Island

As we landed in Havana for a small group tour of Cuba, almost every member of our group was there to see it ‘before it changes’. Frozen in time, Cuba’s charm is unwavering throughout the country.

Bicycle Cuba After decades of embargo, Cubans have had to draw on their creativity and resourcefulness to thrive. Bikes are an important mode of transportation in the country and there’s even a Canadian charity, Bikes for Cuba, that ships bicycles, bike parts and bicycle safety gear to the country. Credit: R Kristensen

Imagine a time before cell phones and internet access overran the dinner table. Where fast food chains are absent. Where music and salsa dancers meet to in town plazas to celebrate life in the evening.

Where classic cars and bicycles line the streets of crumbling neo-classical buildings. Slowly, change will come to Cuba. But until that point, it will remain a unique country in the world, and a step back in time.

Convento de San Francisco de Asis bell tower Trinidad Cuba A former content and now famous landmark, the Convento de San Francisco de Asis is now a museum in Trinidad, Cuba. Credit: R Kristensen Man making cigars in Cuba Cuban cigars, probably one of the country’s best known exports, are an integral part of the country's identity. Cuba’s famous leader, Fidel Castro, was fond of the Cohiba brand cigar. Credit: R Kristensen Street vendor selling books in Havana Cuba Street vendors are always an interesting part of the travel experience. Credit: R Kristensen Hotel Telegrafo Havana Cuba Havana’s iconic Hotel Telegrafo was founded in 1860, and relocated to its current location in 1888, and rebuilt in 1911. Credit: Rachel Kristensen Street art Havana Cuba graffiti Fans of street art and graffiti will enjoy exploring the streets of Havana. Credit: R Kristensen

Adventures Abroad is pleased to offer a 15 day small group tour that encompasses all of Cuba.

Our tour highlights include:

  • Watching a farmer hand roll a Cuban cigar in tobacco fields of Vinales.
  • Walking through the historic centre of Havana including a stop at the used book market.
  • Listening to the drum beats bounce of the cobblestones in the musical soul of Trinidad.
  • Admiring the city of plazas, in the cattle ranching heartland of Cameguay.
  • Exploring the rivers and archaeological sites in the tropical rainforest of Baracoa.
  • Exploring the bustling city of Santiago in the south east.

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Published on 29 May 2015



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