Top 3 Travel Destinations For Seniors
Published on 23 December 2015

It’s a big wide world out there and sometimes the hardest part of taking a trip is deciding where to go. As a lifelong learner, you know you want to travel somewhere with history and learn about a culture that is completely foreign to your own.

Oia Santorini Greece church arch cross The village of Oia on Greece’s island of Santorini, with its blue roofs, beautiful hillside setting and the amazing Aegean Sea as a backdrop, is one of Greece’s top tourist spots.


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Chasing glaciers in Patagonia
Published on 26 November 2015

On the southern tip of South America straddling Chile, Argentina and the Andes lies Patagonia, a wild and far flung region with little settlement but big landscapes. Wide sweeping plains give way to mountains that tower in the horizon with granite peaks that scratch the skyline. Huge glaciers crash into the blue lakes that form at their melting point, and icy breezes blow icebergs to the shorelines.

Torres Del Paine Chile Patagonia Torres Del Paine National Park in Chile’s Patagonia region is one breathtaking view after another. If you make one big trip in your life, this should be it!


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Culinary Adventures: Loukoumades (Honey Puffs)
Published on 8 October 2015

Many of our Amorgos-bound travellers and guests of the Aegialis Hotel have enjoyed a sweet island specialty that is as addictive as it is easy to make. We bet you can’t have just one :)

Loukoumades (Honey Puffs) Loukoumades (Honey Puffs)


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Accommodation Spotlight - Aegialis Hotel
Published on 8 October 2015

Perhaps more than any other hotel in the history of Adventures Abroad, the Aegialis Hotel, on the island of Amorgos in Greece’s Cycladic Islands, is our unofficial ‘home-away-from-home.’ This hotel, and the island itself, was “discovered” by one of our first Tour Leaders in 1988, when he found himself “stranded” on Amorgos by a weather-related ferry cancellation.

Aegialis Hotel on the island of Amorgos Greece You really can’t go wrong visiting almost any island in Greece, but on the island of Amorgos you’ll find a gem of a hotel in the Aegialis Hotel.


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Tour Leader Update
Published on 8 October 2015

This list represents just a few of our tour leader assignments for trips set to depart in the next few months. The leaders below and others not listed will, of course, be leading other regularly-scheduled tours throughout 2016 and beyond.



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Upcoming Tours Still Available
Published on 7 October 2015


 We are very excited about our newly-revamped tour of Mongolia (MN1) for 2016. We've been touring this fascinating destination for years, and are delighted that hitherto inaccessible remote locations are now opening up, with the advent of new air routes and tourist class accommodations.



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