Apollonia Albania ruins


Check out our upcoming tours! In this edition, we’re focused mostly European tours, but there are also tours to China and Hong Kong.

Apollonia Albania ruins

The ruins of the ancient Greek city of Apollonia are located on the Aous river, in what is now Albania. The city is believed to have been founded in 588 BC.

Albania & Macedonia

We have enjoyed watching enigmatic Albania open and grow during the last 20 years that we have been offering tours here. Infrastructure improvements and greater reliability of visitor services has made exploring this small but fascinating eastern European state, which was, for many years, closed to tourists, much easier and more comfortable than was just two decades ago. We are also pleased to be one of the first operators to offer tours here, and are very excited about our numerous itineraries that combine Albania with neighbouring countries, including Macedonia, where we visit Ohrid—the “City of 365 churches”—an outstanding mixture of the Western and the Oriental. Albania/Macedonia can also be preceded by our hugely popular Adriatic tour (Slovenia & Croatia), which spends a night in Budva, Montenegro, en route to Tirana. Tours from 14 to 30 days; dates in spring & fall

Albania & Macedonia 
AL1 | 14 Days | Details
Departure date: 04 Jun 2017 - GUARANTEED

Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania & Macedonia 
AD6 | 30 Days | Details
Departure date: 19 May 2017 – SIX SPOTS LEFT


“CZ Series”

Our tours beginning in the Czech Republic, with options to the Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria (which we affectionately refer to as the “CZ series”), is one of our longest standing family of European itineraries, featuring amazing architecture, compelling histories, unique cultures, stunning landscapes, and great value-for-money. Variety is the name of the game here; it’s no wonder why this is one of our most popular series in Europe. The main problem here is how to choose!

Czech Republic 
CZ1 | 9 Days | Details

Czech Republic & Slovakia 
CZ2 | 13 Days | Details

Czech Republic, Slovakia & Budapest 
CZ7 | 15 Days | Details

Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary 
CZ3 | 21 Days | Details

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary & Romania 
CZ4 | 28 Days | Details

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria 
CZ5 | 35 Days | Details

Other combinations, ie Romania & Bulgaria only, also exist; summer and fall dates booking now!


Eastern China & Hong Kong

There is still time to consider the spring departure of our ever-popular foray through Hong Kong and Eastern China is a guaranteed trip with last minute space still available. Past Adventures Abroad travellers to China have appreciated our small-group concept at a destination where much group travel is dominated by huge busloads of 50+ tourists who spend much of their time just getting on and off the bus and being herded into souvenir shops. Our Tour Leaders and local guides put the culture, sites, history and monuments of China first to ensure that your experience is as in-depth, authentic, and personalized as it can be. As a small group, we can get much more done in a day without feeling rushed, get to know our fellow travellers, and dine out at local restaurants to avoid the massive and characterless hotel buffet! Hong Kong, Guilin, Li River, Yangtze River, Shanghai, Xi’an, Beijing

Eastern China 
CN2 | 12 Days | Details
Departure date: 10 Apr 2017 - GUARANTEED

Hong Kong & Eastern China 
CN4 | 15 Days | Details
Departure date: 04 Apr 2017 - GUARANTEED



Our comprehensive rail tour of Switzerland is filling quickly for both summer and fall dates. This tour is a rich fondue brimming with highlights. Throughout we make use of the region’s uber-convenient (and scenic!) rail system, including the famed Glacier Express. We even pop into the Principality of Liechtenstein, one of the world’s smallest states! We are also over-the-Alps excited with the popularity of and feedback from our recent Swiss hiking tours, which feature a well-paced combination of walking tours of towns and cities along with some of the country’s most scenic and famous mountain trails. Throw in a few rail journeys (including the world-renown Glacier Express) and spectacular cable-car journeys, and you have a highly-varied and quintessentially Swiss experience.

SW1 | 14 Days | Details
Departure date: 23 May 2017
Departure date: 13 Sep 2017

Hiking Switzerland 
XSW | 13 Days | Details
Departure date: 26 Jun 2017
Departure date: 01 Sep 2017


Microstates of Europe

Join us as we explore the unique culture, history and scenery of these fascinating corners of Europe. These less sizable nations tend to remain under the radar, but each one boasts a distinct culture and myriad attractions and sights. Most are so small that it is hard to even find them on a map, and few travellers know much about what they have to offer. We will examine the history, culture, and inner workings of these smallest independent countries in Europe. These are among the oldest states on the continent and, despite their diversity, they have much in common. San Marino, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, Vatican City & Luxembourg

Microstates of Europe
MCMS | 20 Days | Details
Departure date: 10 Jun 2017 – 4 SPOTS LEFT
Departure date: 09 Sep 2017 – 10 SPOTS LEFT

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