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TN1 Tunisia Tour

10 days from Tunis to Tunis

Our Tunisia tour reveals a bounteous country that has played a highly significant role in world history. Home to a civilization that rivalled the…

ML4 Malta & Tunisia Tour

15 days from Valleta to Tunis

What a better way to experience the world of the Mediterranean than stepping foot into the centre of it all on our Malta & Tunisia Tour? Malta…

TM1 Tunisia & Malta Tour

15 days from Tunis to Valleta

After the Roman Empire conquered Carthage, Julius Caesar resurrected the city into a vast metropolitan that was almost comparable to the grandeur of…

AG2 Algeria & Tunisia Tour

18 days from Algiers to Tunis

On our Algeria & Tunisia tour, we set down in the heart and capital of Algeria, Algiers, once a Barbary pirate stronghold and famed for the exploits…

AG3 Algeria, Tunisia & Malta Tour

23 days from Algiers to Malta

On our Algeria, Tunisia & Malta tour, the entire country of Algeria makes for a fascinating historical journey and we make full use of our days in…

TM2 Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour

28 days from Tunis to Rome

This Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour gives us a good perspective of the considerable expanse of the Roman Empire. From the Byrsa Hill acropolis along…

TM3 Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour

38 days from Tunis to Venice

Staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is one of the many experiences that are expected along this Tunisia, Malta & Italy Tour, but we will…


More About Tunisia

Bordered by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert, Tunisia is a country with a great history.

Carthage, as it was previously known, was home to a civilisation that rivaled the Roman Empire. Originally settled by the Berbers, it was in the 9th century BC that the Phoenicians immigrated to found Carthage and created a powerful maritime civilization.

After the Romans defeated Carthage in 146 BC, they would continue to rule for hundreds of years. The influence of the Roman Empire still lingers in the many temples and theatres that are still standing or the mosaic masterpieces that house many of the country's museums.

Distinctly Roman artifacts such as the monumental Antonine Baths, which in the 2nd century AD were the largest baths in North Africa and the 3rd largest in the Roman world. Another Roman spot, the forum and temple of Dougga with theatres, gymnasia, baths, shops, stone paved streets and lavish villas are all testimony to the golden age this North African city enjoyed during the Roman era.

Tunisia tours include stops at the Roman city of Sufeitula, modern Sbeitla. The Roman civic center is incredibly photogenic, due to the excellent state of preservation its three monumental temples, dedicated to Juno, Jupiter and Minerva, towering over the Forum.

Also included is a stop at the Roman Amphitheatre of El Djem, an extraordinary sight with a capacity of 30,000 spectators for the gladiator combats, wild beast fights, circuses and games.

It wasn't just the Romans who left their mark on Tunisia; Phoenicians, Greeks, Vandals, Normans, Arabs, Spaniards, and Ottoman Turks have all left their unique footprint on the small patch of land that occupies the northernmost point of Africa.

On our Tunisia tours, wander the Arab souks of Tunis, or the Holy City of Kairouan - the first Islamic city to be established in North Africa, and the 4th oldest Muslim city outside of Arabia. The Grand Mosque is made with hundreds of marble columns reused from Roman temples.

Explore the Christian basilicas of Sbeitla, with their elaborate baptisteries covered in colourful mosaics. Or discover the El Ghriba, the Miracle synagogue, one of the oldest synagogues and most important Jewish pilgrimage sites in the world built after Jewish communities arrived in 566 BC.

Feed off the 1000 year old olive trees on Djerba, or of one of the other 65 million trees found within the country. Olive oil was an important ancient trade that also plays an important role in today's economy.

Trade has always played an important role for Tunisia. Historically part of the caravan route, areas like Tozeur were well known for merchants. North and West Africa gathered in this thriving oasis, and traded such goods as wool, dates, gold, ivory, salt and slaves. Some of the finest dates of the world are grown in the region, with Medieval accounts stating that over 1,000 camels used to leave here per day, laden only with dates.

With a history dating back thousands of years, and a landscape that varies from the edge of the Sahara to the lapping of the Gulf of Tunis, our Tunisia tours give you the best of it all.


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