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CT1 China By Rail Tour

19 days from Beijing to Hong Kong

Our China By Rail Tour is a fresh take on an old favourite, made possible by China's ever expanding, ultra-modern network of high-speed rail links.…


More About Hong Kong

From its humble beginnings as a small fishing community frequented by travellers and pirates, Hong Kong grew into one of East Asia's most prominent centres of trade, manufacturing and finance, as well as being a major player in the film industry and one of the most popular tour destinations on the planet.

Setting foot on Hong Kong soil is to tread into a world where cultures collide and find a fascinating, harmonious balance.

Like no other tour destination, Hong Kong, one of the two administrative regions of China, not only blends Eastern culture with Western, but also antiquity with modernity:

- colonial buildings and Chinese temples share the skyline with lustrous skyscrapers and traditional bamboo and tin huts fringe the shorelines;

- market stalls on the bustling streets vie for business with colossal, ultra-modern supermarket complexes;

- Western pubs and some of the best Chinese and international restaurants in the world are to be found in close proximity to one another;

- and the 160 year-old Star Ferry and the century-old Peak Tram are viable travel alternatives if one of the multitude of taxis or the futuristic railway doesn't suit.


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