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MB1 Mexico's Yucatan & Belize Tour

12 days from Cancun to Belize City

A jewel on the Caribbean coast, the Yucatan showcases the very best in culture, cuisine, and history. Taste a delicious array of flavours while…

VRCA Central America 2020 Tour

33 days from Panama City to Belize City

This Central America 2020 Tour was designed by, and will be led by, senior Tour Leader, Victor Romagnoli.


More About Belize

If you were searching for a grand adventure to have in Central America, then you should look no further than the small country of Belize. Our Belize tour packages offer the best of everything: history, culture, underwater wonders, rainforest delights, ancient civilizations, and short commute times. Considered a jewel on the Caribbean coastline, Belize offers visitors a laid back tour pace with plenty of excitement in every day's activities.

Of all the inhabitants in English-speaking Belize, the ancient Mayan are among the most renowned. With a wealth of archaeological sites to discover, Belize tour packages take you to many Mayan temples and complexes that were erected. Historically it is thought that over 2 million Maya lived within the present-day borders of Belize. Within the country, these sites are characterized by the temples and pyramids, which often are accompanied by sites displaying a strong understanding of agricultural and mathematical practices.

Tours take in these legendary sites found within the Belize rainforests. Among the most noted are Altun Ha, an important ancient trading and religious centre. Lamanai, another Mayan site that translates to the submerged crocodile, beautifully reveals aspects of everyday life that this pre-Columbian civilization had as far back as 1500 BC. Because of this, it is known for being the longest continuously-occupied site in Mesoamerica.

Many people find themselves in Belize hoping to get closer to nature, and for those who are birdwatchers, often they revel in the diversity of birds in Belize. From toucans to trogons, woodpeckers to parrots, there are more than 590 types of birds to be found in Belize.

On our Belize tour packages, we are sure to include a stop at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. With inland waterways, logwood swamps, and lagoons, this is a prime bird watching spot in Belize as it is ideally located as a resting point for thousands of migrating birds such as kites, tiger-herons, snowy egrets and ospreys. The reserve's most famous visitor is the rare Jabiru Stork, the largest flying bird in the New World with a wing span of 2.5 m (8 ft).

Away from the waterways of swamps and lagoons and along the shores of the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, Belize's island paradises and coastal communities are situated amongst the world's second longest coral reef system. The low sandy islands, such as Caye Caulker, are surrounded by plentiful marine life and water so clear that it has become one the world's favourite diving and snorkelling spots.

Belize tour packages are able to take in the best of everything, from the historically rich ancient ruins to the island charms with pristine water playgrounds. Accommodations are always comfortable and well appointed, tour days are paced well for maximum enjoyment, meals are in local restaurants and will reflect the local culture and cuisine, local guides are friendly and excited to showcase their heritage and culture, but most of all, days are memorable. Belize may be a tiny country, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in reasons to visit.


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