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MB1 Mexico's Yucatan & Belize Tour

12 days from Cancun to Belize City

A jewel on the Caribbean coast, the Yucatan showcases the very best in culture, cuisine, and history. Taste a delicious array of flavours while…

VRCA Central America 2020 Tour

33 days from Panama City to Belize City

This Central America 2020 Tour was designed by, and will be led by, senior Tour Leader, Victor Romagnoli.


More About Belize

Wedged between the Caribbean Sea and rainforests of Central America, Belize is a pint sized country easily and happily explored. With a pleasant mix of historical intrigue in a laid back paradise, our Belize tours for seniors offer an in depth and intimate look at the wide variety of this verdant country.

Renowned for its natural beauty, a trip to Belize is not complete without a stop at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a large reserve covering inland waterways, logwood swamps, and lagoons. It is ideally located as a resting point for thousands of migrating birds such as kites, tiger-herons, snowy egrets and ospreys. The reserve's most famous visitor is the rare Jabiru Stork, the largest flying bird in the New World with a wing span of 2.5 m/8 ft.

On our Belize tours for seniors we journey between destinations on reliable local transport, that will keep you comfortable and on time. Each day we'll employ a fun way to discover our surroundings including a riverboat to head up the New River. While traversing the many little creeks and lagoons, it is easy to encounter birdlife including hawks, kites and falcons. Dainty Jacanas lightly walk on the lily pads while the elusive crocodiles bask in the morning sunlight. The river is lined with hardwood trees with lots of orchids and bromeliads.

Famed for its Mayan heritage, our Belize tours for seniors venture to Altun Ha which is an important ancient trading centre as well as a religious ceremonial centre. Over 300 jade pieces have been discovered including the largest Mayan jade carving, Kinich Ahau, the sun god, found in the Temple of the Green Tomb. Another wonder of Belize is the site of Lamanai (Mayan for submerged crocodile), an ancient archaeological site that reveals a civilization that is known to have occupied Belize as far back as 1,500 BC.

After seeing the best of the mainland, our tour retreats to the island charms of Caye Caulker. Known historically for its plentiful supply of exposed fresh water at La Aguada, one theory holds that this island was a favourite stop for sailors to replenish and cork water bottles. Now resting amongst the world'™s second largest barrier reef, the island is home to some of the most spectacular underwater scenes in the world.

With a comfortable pace on our daily excursions to the best of Belize, we include plenty of time at each site as well as ample downtime to digest the days events. We cap each group size at 18 people, so you can hear the english speaking guide clearly and ask questions when needed. Small group sizes are made up with folks who just love learning, and are passionate about travel. Our goal is travel in a sustainable way, making a more positive and unobtrusive impact on the places we visit. Each tour feels personalized, with all members of the group understanding the destination in a way that wouldn't be possible without years of experience behind each day's activities.

Whether exploring this once British colony for its charms on the mainland, islands or underwater, one thing is for certain, you won't be disappointed.


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