Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania


A couple of special Tour Leader-designed trips, this time from the desk and imagination of Jonathan Hodgson. In addition to many of our regularly-scheduled he’ll be leading for us in 2017/18, Jonathan is excited to launch two new additions to the special “JH” series of itineraries:

Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania’s iconic peak, is located in Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair National Park. This national park is home to the Overland Track, a famous hike that stretches 65 kilometres from Lake St. Clair to Cradle Mountain.

Belarus, Ukraine & Moldova  NEW TOUR!
JHBU | 20 Days | Details
Departure date: 09 Sep 2017

Australia – Featuring Western & South Australia and Tasmania  NEW TOUR!
JHOZ | 23 Days | Details
Departure date: 02 Oct 2017

Our re-designed Mongolia tour, featuring the famed Naadam Festival and comfortable ger accommodation with private bath facilities, is now a guaranteed tour with limited space available!

MN1 | 13 Days | Details
Departure date: 07 Jul 2017 – GUARANTEED

West Africa is back on the roster with a refreshed itinerary through five diverse countries, including the reintroduction of Gambia into the fold. This a true off-the-beaten-path adventure through Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Togo and Benin over 19 highlight-packed days.

West Africa  NEW TOUR!
WF2 | 19 Days | Details
Departure date: 01 Nov 2017
Departure date: 11 Feb 2018

We’re delighted with the feedback from this season’s first three run-throughs of our new tour of Sudan, Djibouti & Ethiopia. This is an up-and-coming region and, with thanks to suggestions from our travellers and Tour Leaders, we have ironed out some wrinkles and re-tooled the itinerary for November onward. We have also confirmed dates for 2018! This is one of the most exciting tours we’ve added to our Africa roster in years and we’re pleased to be one of the only operators offering a trip like this.

Ethiopia, Djibouti & Sudan
SD1 | 18 Days | Details
Departure date: 01 Nov 2017 – LIMITED SPACE

We have made an improvement to our tour of ‘The Guyanas’, made possible by the elimination of some now unnecessary backtracking which has allowed us to add another night at the superlative Kabalebo Nature Resort, a nature’s paradise with a level of service and luxury that belies its extremely isolated locale deep in the southern Surinamese jungle. This improves an already popular tour that now includes both Guyana and French Guiana.

“I truly enjoyed the stay at Kabalebo Nature Resort. It was a wonderful mix of comfort and nature, and the staff at the resort were lovely.” Daniele D, San Antonio, TX

“Fantastic! I think the highlight of my trip.” Kathleen S, Edmonton, AB

Guyana, Suriname & French Guiana
GY1 | 12 Days | Details
Departure date: 01 Nov 2017

One of our long-standing flagship tours is still going strong after 30 years, and we have managed to secure some scarce additional for our September Northern Italy dates, which are already booking up.

Florence to Venice
IT8 | 8 Days | Details
Departure date: 15 Sep 2017

Rome to Florence
IT7 | 10 Days | Details
Departure date: 09 Sep 2017

Rome to Venice
IT1 | 14 Days | Details
Departure date: 09 Sep 2017

We have just guaranteed our 2-week, full circumnavigation of Ireland, including both the Republic and Northern Island, for this spring. Though Ireland is rarely associated with more “exotic” destinations, this is a delightfully compelling journey with surprising variety in art and architecture, culture, history, cuisines, landscapes, accents, and, of course, pubs! This itinerary showcases the good, the bad, and the ugly of this ancient and modern land and, in springtime, its famous ‘40 shades of green.’

Ireland & Ulster
IE1 | 14 Days | Details
Departure date: 08 May 2017 – GUARANTEED

Our Balkan Explorer tour is probably the most varied trip we offer in Europe. Over 19 days we immerse ourselves in seven countries that comprise this culturally rich and politically complicated region. Click below for full details and a full listing of countries covered.

Balkan Explorer
BK1 | 19 Days | Details
Departure date: 08 May 2017 – GUARANTEED

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