with Martin Charlton


Observe tusked narwhal, Polar Bears, harp seals, bearded seal, ring seals, and possibly bowhead whales; Journey by snowmobile to traditional Inuit hunting grounds; Enjoy tea made of melt-water from hundreds of year old icebergs along the route; Settle into an Arctic Safari Yurt-style camp on the 2m sea ice at the floe edge; Visit the Bylot Island bird cliffs with 200,000+ birds; Snorkel and kayak amongst ice and possibly with whales; Tour Iqaluit - Canada's coolest arctic city

Trip Information


'Land Tour' price also includes internal flights from/to Ottawa, per person value $3800.

All accommodation (twin-share), most meals, transport, sightseeing and activities as outlined in the tour itinerary. Cost includes tips / gratuities for local guides and camp staff.

A $1000 deposit is required at time of booking. A further $1500 deposit will be required when the tour becomes a 'Guaranteed' departure. These amounts are non-refundable once paid (unless we cancel due to low numbers)

Please note that single accommodation is not available.


Tour Leader gratuity, some lunches, items of a personal nature, trip cancellation/medical and emergency evacuation insurance (strongly recommended). The tour price is subject to an additional 5% Canadian Goods and Services tax (GST).

An 'Outer Clothing Rental Package' is available for $495 + 13% HST, total = $560 CAD. Further information provided upon reservation.

Please note that single accommodation is not available.

Seasonality and Weather

Weather in June/July: In the regions close to the Arctic Circle temperatures during the season range from -5C to 10C. The temperatures rise as the days lengthen, and June can see temperatures around -1C to 5C.

In mid to late Spring the sun is constantly shining for 24 hours. The sun shines high above at noon, and by 10PM the sun has sunk low on the western horizon and continues to seemingly skim across the tops of the distant mountain ranges until it reaches the eastern horizon, where it then begins to climb higher into the sky again. The warm, soft glow of the midnight sun is a photographer's delight.

For the more adventurous, a snorkeling option is available to attempt to swim with the narwhal if conditions present themselves. These inquisitive whales often curiously approach snorkelers, swimming to within 3 meters underneath, while on their backs - take a quick look - almost saying 'hello' and circling below and away. It is a moment of joy and exhilaration none shall soon forget.

Transport and Travel Conditions

This trip is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxed adventure. The arctic is already far off the beaten track, and this itinerary is far from any usual tourist route. You just need to have an adventurous spirit. Relatively speaking, very few people have been through to the high Arctic, and you can become among the first to explore this amazing region. Having a laid back, open-minded and patient demeanor is important. The 'way of the north' or of the Inuit people is to take things as they come, to relax, enjoy the moment - be it a sunny or foggy day - to appreciate where you are in the moment, and fall into the laid -back lifestyle of the Arctic people.

It is assumed that participants have the spirit within themselves to enjoy the unique solitude of the Arctic and the free time provided. If this outlook is not with you, it is suggested that participation would be a mistake. Of course, good health is fundamental to travel into any remote region.

Despite this being an arctic wildlife viewing expedition where you will see some stunning scenery and rarely seen animals in their natural environment, we would like all of our tour members to understand and be sensitive to the cultural and historical ways of the Inuit people and their subsistence hunting lifestyle. It is possible that you will see evidence of hunting and dead animals as you wander through the gateway communities. Examples include the stretching of sealskin boots or gloves, Inuit husky dog teams being fed Arctic Char or seal meat. While out on the expedition we may also come across an Inuit hunting party returning from a hunt.


Hotels in towns and cities will be mid-range accommodation with private bath.

Inspired by African mobile safari camps, our Safari Camp brings elegance and comfort to the Arctic.

The modern, specially designed yurt-style safari camp structures have double walls with insulation to provide a warm and inviting home away from home in one of the worlds most remote yet breathe taking places. Sleep quarters are spacious and warm with over 10' cathedral ceilings. The yurt style safari sleep structures are 16' in diameter and entered via a lockable door. Configurations with either a twin--bed or one king size bed are available. Each raised bed is complete with mattress duvets, pillows and a warm comforter. No detail has been overlooked from large windows that give a 360-degree view, to coat hooks, cozy rugs, and heaters for those that would like it a little toastier. The comfortable high end heated Yurt-style accommodations, along with a lounge / dining Yurt, fully functioning shared bathrooms with on demand hot water sinks and showers will allow you to enjoy the experience of sleeping under the midnight sun.

The large and spacious dining/ lounge offers a central fireplace stove and 24-hour buffet with snacks and drinks. This camp may be set up on land or directly on ice, depending on location and time of year.

Staff and Support

Tour Leader, local guides and camp staff, drivers at several locations.

Group Size

10-14 plus Tour Leader