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  • Finland Travel Tour Guide

    Posted on May 6th, 2009 admin No comments

    Finland’s landscape is dominated by water. The Nordic country is often referred to as the ‘land of thousands of lakes,’ which might actually be more accurate, were the idiom: ‘land of hundreds of thousands of lakes.’ Within its borders, Finland manages to pack in close to a staggering one hundred and eighty-eight thousand lakes that are all over five acres in size and which together constitute one tenth of the nation’s total territory. Add to this the mountains in the northwest, the southwesterly coastline and the fact that two-thirds of the country is sheltered under a blanket of forest and you have a destination with all the elements that cater to active holiday-makers, whatever their taste may be; Mountain biking or hiking in the elevated areas, rambling or exploring in the forests, or boating or fishing off the coast or in one of the many lakes.

    Reindeer safaris and dog sledding are among the activities that are available in Finland and only in a few other countries. Even not-so-active travellers will find their ideal relaxation venue, be it under an unspoiled canopy of leaves overlooking a placid lake, atop a snow-crested mountain with a sweeping vista of the lowlands or on a gold-sand beach, listening to the lapping waves of the Gulf of Finland.

    Due to their geographic locations, some portions of northern Finland experience no sunsets for 73 days in summer and no sunrises for 51 days in winter, a peculiar experience that never ceases to attract travellers to the country. Those looking for more interaction on their getaway will find it in Helsinki, Finland’s capital and the northernmost capital city in Europe. This bustling metropolis was once a coastal backwater town, but now it is a city that houses numerous important historic sites, as well as serving as one of the world’s centres of art and architecture. It is not to be missed on a tour of Finland.