RO2 Romania & Bulgaria


Bucharest: "The Little Paris of the East"; The "painted monasteries" of Bucovina; Bran Castle, mythical home of Dracula; Famous Valley of the Roses; Unsurpassed frescoes of Rila Monastery; Sofia: City tour

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Fri 02 May 2014Fri 16 May 2014 $3990
Fri 25 Jul 2014Fri 08 Aug 2014 $3990
Fri 26 Sep 2014Fri 10 Oct 2014 $3990
Fri 08 May 2015Fri 22 May 2015 $3990
Fri 24 Jul 2015Fri 07 Aug 2015 $3990
Fri 25 Sep 2015Fri 09 Oct 2015 $3990

Optional Single Supplement: $580 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

This exciting 15-day adventure to explore the true faces of two countries that earn themselves worldwide acclaim for their beautiful natural environments, their eclectic architecture and their wealth of historic sites begins in Bucharest, Romania’s glittering capital city. After comprehensive exploration of this magical capital once dubbed ‘The Paris of the East’, including visits to one of the oldest outdoor museums in Europe and the 6,000-room palace, we press on to the Bucovina monasteries and to admire stunning vistas over the Eastern Carpathian Mountains and on to the Transylvanian plateau to wander through the mediaeval streets of quaint fortified towns and visit the mythical home of Count Dracula at Bran Castle and what is often considered as one of the most beautiful castles in Europe at Peles Castle. An overnight rail journey takes us into Bulgaria, where we have the chance to soak in the unique atmosphere of the capital city, Sophia, to bask in a timeless natural glory amid rivers, waterfalls and soaring peaks in the Valley of the Roses, and to get to grips with Bulgarian heritage and culture with exploration of historic and religious sites. The Rila Monasteries don’t fail to live up to their reputation as one of the country’s most important and memorable cultural monuments.

Regions visited: Central And Eastern Europe
Countries visited: Romania and Bulgaria