including the Nazca Lines


Scenic Nazca Lines overflight; Mysterious Machu Picchu-a must see!; Exploring Cuzco and the "Sacred Valley of the Incas"; Venice Simplon Orient-Express "Andean Explorer" train; The Floating Islands of Puno; Sacred islands of the Sun and Moon

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Fri 26 Jun 2015Sun 12 Jul 2015 $3890
Fri 25 Sep 2015Sun 11 Oct 2015 $3890
Fri 06 Nov 2015Sun 22 Nov 2015 $3890
Fri 29 Jan 2016Sun 14 Feb 2016 $3890
Fri 05 Feb 2016Sun 21 Feb 2016 $3890
Fri 29 Apr 2016Sun 15 May 2016 $3890
Fri 24 Jun 2016Sun 10 Jul 2016 $3890
Fri 23 Sep 2016Sun 09 Oct 2016 $3890
Fri 04 Nov 2016Sun 20 Nov 2016 $3890

Optional Single Supplement: $540 (number of singles limited).
This tour may require a mandatory single supplement charge of $130, if twin-sharing accommodation is unavailable.

Tour Overview

Famous for its plazas, ornate facades and wooden balconies, Peru's capital, Lima, was once the most important Spanish city during the colonial era and it is here that we begin our 17-day tour through two of South America's most rewarding countries. From here, we take a scenic flight over the 2,000-year-old Nazca lines, which are comprised of about 300 figures made of straight lines and geometric shapes most clearly visible from the air. Supposedly built by an ancient civilization called the Nazca, the lines remain a subject of great mystery to this day; no one knows how they were built or why. Many Nazca excursions also include a boat trip to the spectacular Ballestas Islands, often described as Peru's version of the Galapagos Islands.

We stop off in Lima for a spot more exploration, investigating underground catacombs, splendid palaces and intricately carved cathedrals, before heading southeast to the Cuzco region, the archaeological capital of Peru and the former capital of the great Inca Empire.

On one of the most scenic legs of our tour, we drive through the Urubamba Valley, or 'Sacred Valley of the Incas' as it is often called, to see Inca cave tombs carved into the valley walls and to stop off in riverside towns rich in folklore. No trip to Peru would be complete without a visit to Machu Picchu, 'The Lost City of the Incas,' and we take time to explore the mysterious ancient city of stone palaces, temples and staircases that enjoys international acclaim as one of the most memorable sites in the world.

En route to Bolivia, we soak in the unique ambiance of colonial towns and traditional mud-hut villages, cast off on boats to learn about several other ancient civilisations and gape at dramatic landscapes of snow-tipped peaks, rivers that snake through plunging valleys and green fields dotted with willow trees and eucalyptus groves. Bolivia, too, boasts an incredible array of historic and cultural attraction; the final four days of this amazing tour are spent exploring destinations that have for centuries been the focal point of religious pilgrimage, sites whose crumbling ruins unveil the secrets of lost civilisations, regions rife with folkloric tales of sacred water and artifact, and towns with traditional marketplaces selling colourful garments and all sorts of potions and herb remedies used to guard against evil spirits.

Regions visited: South America
Countries visited: Peru and Bolivia