with Kyushu Island Extension


Bullet Train to Hakone; Hakone Outdoor Museum; Historic Takayama; Kyoto: Temples & shrines; Hiroshima: Peace Memorial Park; Aso-Kuju National Park: five cone volcano; Nagasaki: feudal castles, samurai houses, Meiji-era villas; smoking volcanoes

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Thu 22 Oct 2015Tue 10 Nov 2015 $6490
Wed 06 Apr 2016Mon 25 Apr 2016 $6490
Thu 20 Oct 2016Tue 08 Nov 2016 $6490

Optional Single Supplement: $964 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Japan is the quintessential study in contrast and contradiction. Japanese culture stretches back millennia, yet has adopted (and created) some of the latest modern fashions and trends. Its cities are as modern and high tech as anywhere else, but tumbledown wooden shacks can still be spotted next to glass fronted designer condominiums. In the middle of a modern skyscraper you might discover a sliding wooden door that leads to a traditional chamber with tatami mats, calligraphy, and a tea ceremony. Such juxtapositions are cause for many surprises and very little boredom for any visitor to Japan.

Regions visited: Central Asia And Far East
Countries visited: Japan


Alexander H. (Bobcaygeon, ON, CA)

Incredibly personable, patient with all of those who were forever wandering off, keeping us on track re time, and offering a variety of experiences.

Brian P. (Ottawa, ON, CA)

Excursions were very good. We would have enjoyed going up the tower to view the city landscape. All local guides were excellent and very knowledgeable. We enjoyed all aspects of travel by train, subway, ferry, and taxi, providing excellent experience with Japanese transportation. The bullet train was comfortable and a fun experience. Our tour leader Stephen's organization skills made it extremely easy to manage all our traveling in Japan. Stephen is a professional. He is enthusiastic, energetic, caring, has a good sense of humour, is very likeable, patient. The hotels were modern, clean, well situated. Internet was available everywhere. Japan is a beautiful country to visit: modern, clean, organized. The people are friendly, polite and helpful. Good itinerary, lots of variety. Travelling with Stephen through Japan made this trip a most memorable experience.

Helen R. (Victoria, BC, CA)

We enjoyed all aspects of travel by train, as well as subway, ferry, and taxi, providing excellent experience with Japanese transportation. With respect to sites, museums, and city visits, we enjoyed the introductory support followed by the freedom to explore on our own when desirable. Our tour leader Stephen Scrogings was always a wealth of information, either preparing us for, or reinforcing or expanding comments made earlier in the day by the local guides. In particular we enjoyed the sculpture garden in the Hakone region, the Hida No Sato Folk village in Takayama, and the Kyushu National museum in Fukuoka. All of the local guides were very helpful and informative. They gave excellent responses to direct questions from the group and were very valuable with respect to the specific of the local area. Stephen is the best tour group leader we have had the pleasure to travel with: great laid-back, relaxed manner, good sense of humour, attentive to individual needs, very detail-oriented with respect to travel plans, excellent background knowledge of people, history, and language, very supportive and able to balance the diverse needs of the group. We d love to take another tour with him and would recommend him highly to anyone intending to take your Japan tour.

Kenneth W. (Toronto, ON, CA)

Stephen speaks excellent Japanese, is organized and insightful. Explained the culture and gave advice on what to see and do.

Mishy M. (Toronto, ON, CA)

Excursions were very interesting and enjoyable. Local guides were pleasant, well informed and helpful. Evening meals were varied and venues were well chosen. Stephen was very friendly, energetic, enthusiastic and sensitive to the needs of tour members. A tour leader really sets the tone of a tour and Stephen is very good at his job. He helped to make the tour a positive and memorable experience. We were happy with our experiences on this tour.

Peggy M. (Vancouver, BC, CA)

My favourite excursions were the Fish Market in Tokyo; National Museum in Tokyo and Ginza; Zen Garden and Bamboo Forest in Kamakura; Hakone Outdoor Museum; view of Mt. Fuji from the cable car; Takayama - the town and the Onsen at the hotel; Kyoto -everything; Miyajima; Kumamoto Castle; Nagasaki - Peace park, Glover Gardens; Fukuoka - the street dancing competitions. All of our local guides were excellent. The meals were well planned and we had variety. The trains were on time and comfortable. Our tour leader Stephen was attentive to everyone's needs and has a wonderful sense of humour. He was always cheerful and positive. Stephen was fluent in Japanese which made this tour flow smoothly, he has a great knowledge of Japanese history and culture and good insight into the Japanese personality - having lived in Japan, he was comfortable with everyone we met along the way. Excellent tour - lots of variety, good itinerary and the right length.

Sheila R. (Omaha, NE, US)

Stephen was exceptionally good at including everyone. It was clear that he is quite a scholar of Japanese history, etc.

Teresa P. (Duncan, BC, CA)

The food throughout the tour was exceptional, we enjoyed many varies of food and different locations for our meals. As I have mentioned to friends I think I would have taken the tour for the food alone. The presentation of some of the meals were beautiful and many of us took photographs to show the arrangements of the dishes.