'Our Full Northern Italy & Adriatic Trip'


Eternal Rome; Mountain vistas at Lake Garda, boat trip on Lake Bled; Water taxi ride on Venice canals; Plitvice Lakes hike; Day tour of stunning Istrian Peninsula; Rebuilt Mostar bridge, symbol of Bosnia-Herzegovina; Walking Dubrovnik's medieval walls

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Sat 11 Jul 2015Sun 09 Aug 2015 $8780
Sat 12 Sep 2015Sun 11 Oct 2015 $8780
Sat 07 May 2016Sun 05 Jun 2016 $8780
Sat 09 Jul 2016Sun 07 Aug 2016 $8780
Sat 10 Sep 2016Sun 09 Oct 2016 $8780

Optional Single Supplement: $1660 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Historical structures throughout Italy have seen extensive restoration and it's all been worth the effort. This country's history doesn't just offer snap-shots of moments in time, but allows visitors to step into what seems like a history that's still alive. Looking at the 55,000 seats in Rome's Colosseum, it's easy to imagine the energy that once emanated from crowds cheering the gladiators. Standing in the square of Largo Argentina is standing on the spot where Julius Caesar bore the wrath of Marcus Brutus. Once in Vatican City, you can inspect the mastery behind each of Michelangelo's brushstrokes in the Sistine Chapel or appreciate his steady hand when visiting his Pieta sculpture in the St. Peter's Basilica. The past seems closer to the present when considering how the architectural achievements of the red dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Florence still baffles engineers today. The beauty of Venice's St Mark's Square justifies Napoleon's reference to it as 'the drawing room of Europe'. Sense the sentimentality in watching a Shakespearean performance in Verona; the setting of one of his most famous plays: Romeo and Juliet. Witness glorious sunsets during a hike between the coastal villages of Cinque Terre and marvel at incredible nature. Once it's time to wander the Balkan countries of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro, there will be plenty of opportunity to snap enough stunning photos to fill several albums. The surreal image of an ancient castle reflecting off a crystalline lake is not an uncommon sight in the Slovenian town of Bled. Take time to relax in Croatia's most popular resort, Opatija, which is primed to satisfy the royalty who would come from surrounding countries in the past. Wander the markets of Dubrovnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and meet the colourful merchants who display the spoils of the Adriatic Sea.

Regions visited: Western Europe and Central And Eastern Europe
Countries visited: Italy; Slovenia; Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina