'Eastern Europe Exposition'


Budapest walking tour; Holloko, Hungary's most beautiful town; Eger: narrow streets, arcaded buildings, wrought-iron gates; Southern Transdanubia - undulating hills, forest clad ridges and rural ambience; The "painted monasteries" of Bucovina; Bran Castle, mythical home of Dracula; Famous Valley of the Roses; Unsurpassed frescoes of Rila Monastery

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Thu 16 Jul 2015Fri 07 Aug 2015 $4990
Thu 17 Sep 2015Fri 09 Oct 2015 $4990
Thu 28 Apr 2016Fri 20 May 2016 $4990
Thu 14 Jul 2016Fri 05 Aug 2016 $4990
Thu 15 Sep 2016Fri 07 Oct 2016 $4990

Optional Single Supplement: $880 (number of singles limited).

Tour Overview

Budapest, Hungary, is the first port of call on this journey through the varied landscapes and cultures of these three highly rewarding Eastern European tour destinations. Mediaeval castles, neo-Renaissance churches, royal palaces, hilltop fortresses and a concert hall that displays a wide spectrum of architectural influences, including Byzantine, Moorish, Romanesque and Hungarian, give travllers an insight into the great beauty and diversity of the city. We stop to admire the UNESCO-designated historic centre of Holloko and the Baroque buildings that epitomize Eger, before heading into bewitching countryside sceneries in the Bukk Hills. Charming traditional villages and wildlife reserves bring our Hungary leg of the tour to an end, at which point we make headway for Bucharest, Romania. From the capital, once dubbed 'The Paris of the East' as much for its hectic, cosmopolitan feel as for its architecture, we head to the Bucovina Monasteries, through beautiful towns and villages steeped in history and find centuries-old castles, monuments and sites of interest around the Transylvanian plateau. And we certainly can't pass up the opportunity to check out the castle believed to be Dracula's, whether the fable holds truth or not! Another overnight train takes us to the mountain-encircled Bulgarian capital, Sophia, a city of wide boulevards and quaint park gardens and the second oldest capital in Europe. Heading onwards, we travel to ancient cities on the Plain of Thrace and into the Valley of the Roses to get a feel for the cultural and natural environments of the country and bring an end to our thrilling adventure by exploring the famous Rila Monasteries.

Regions visited: Central And Eastern Europe
Countries visited: Hungary; Romania and Bulgaria