Rio de Janeiro-'the marvelous city'; Amazon adventures; The Pantanal-South America's wildlife marvel; Thundering Iguacu Falls; Beagle Channel Cruise; Perito Moreno & Uppsala Glaciers; Exploring Torres del Paine National Park

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Mon 26 Oct 2015Thu 26 Nov 2015 $11240
Mon 15 Feb 2016Thu 17 Mar 2016 $11240
Mon 24 Oct 2016Thu 24 Nov 2016 $11240

Optional Single Supplement: $2920 (number of singles limited).
This tour may require a mandatory single supplement charge of $1470, if twin-sharing accommodation is unavailable.

Tour Overview

There's so much to see and do in these three spectacular South American countries, it's tough to fit it all into a time-frame of less than a month. Our 32-day adventure exploring the true faces of Brazil, Argentina and Chile begins in Manaus, the capital and commercial hub of the Amazonas region in Brazil. We glide up one of the largest rivers in the world, the mighty Amazon, and through the largest rainforest on the planet; exotic, dream-like sceneries make this portion of the tour an experience never to be forgotten. We travel to the Pantanal, wherein lies the greatest concentration of wildlife in South America, then on to Rio de Janeiro, whose attractions are so great in number and quality that we need a few days to explore them. En route to Iguazu Falls, where we cross into Argentina, we travel along winding roads in beautiful hill country and visit quaint colonial towns. We fly to Buenos Aires to see the numerous sights of interest in this glittering, cosmopolitan city, whereupon we turn south and head for the desolate, glacier-riddled Patagonia to witness the natural world at its best. From sub-Antarctic rainforests, through breathtaking vistas of fjord-like lakes and streams, and to the slopes of gargantuan glaciers and icebergs, our tour through Argentina leaves no topographical feature unexplored. We then cross into Chile and drive to the wondrous Torres del Paine National Park, perhaps the finest national park on the continent, before travelling to cities and villages at foothills of the magnificent Andes to enjoy colourful markets and sights. We end our tour in the lively Chilean capital city, Santiago.

Regions visited: South America
Countries visited: Brazil; Argentina and Chile


David S. (Toronto, ON, CA)

Particularly enjoyed several great public excursions in Patagonia, two to see glaciers and one to see bird islands. Victor is the ideal AA tour leader in every respect. Great tour.


[Re. food] Adventures Abroad does this better than anyone else!! Nice variety, plenty of choices.