the Historic North


Churches of Lalibela; Colourful festivals; Spectacular Simien Mountain scenery; Axum Stellae Park; Tribal south, kaleidoscope of cultures; Christian churches, gilded monasteries

Tour Map

*The red tour trail on the map does not represent the actual travel path.

Hotel List

The following is a list of sample hotels at some locations included on this tour. The hotels shown here are meant to provide a general sense of the standard of hotel we usually aim for; they are not necessarily confirmed for your chosen departure.

Abay Minch Lodge

Rating: 3 Star Accommodation3 Star Accommodation3 Star Accommodation
Location: Bahir Dar
Country: Ethiopia

Throughout time, the haunting images of East Africa’s myriad landscapes have captured the hearts and souls of most discerning travelers.
... one of the few places on earth where adventure still awaits is Ethiopia. This evocative land of dense forests, mountains, mighty rivers, lakes and abundant wildlife provides a unique backdrop for a truly memorable experience.
Located in the heart of Bahir Dar, a city that is surrounded by the beautiftul Lake Tana, the might Blue Nile River and the wonders of Simien Mountains, Abay Minch Lodge is the perfect place to start your adventurous journey. Our lodge is built on a ground that is rich with nature, abundant vegetation and general exotic feel. It is also a place where you can breath the fresh that flows from the various species of trees all around the compound and hear the melodious sound of birds. Come visit us and let us show you why we feel there is no better place for you start your adventure than Abay Minch Lodge.

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Simien Eco-Lodge

Rating: 2 Star Accommodation2 Star Accommodation
Location: Gonder
Country: Ethiopia

This is one of Ethiopia's only true eco-lodges located in the mountains with spectacular views. The lodge is simple but
... and charming, with traditional architecture and a friendly , laid-back atmosphere.

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Hotel Yemereha

Rating: 3 Star Accommodation3 Star Accommodation3 Star Accommodation
Location: Lalibela
Country: Ethiopia

Named after the 12th century King Yimerehane Kirstos, who built the most impressive churches in Lalibela, Yemereha Hotel is simple,
... clean and comfortable. (photo of Lalibela's primary attraction - see website for hotel photos).
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