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Poland Cultural Tours

6 tours available

PL3 Poland: Bridging East & West Tour

11 days from Krakow to Warsaw

There exists immaculate beauty and timeless history within the borders of Poland. Embarking on a journey that will expose us to a world that is…

PL5 Poland & The Baltic States Tour

19 days from Krakow to Helsinki

Eastern Europe holds numerous rewards for anyone who is not shy of adventure. Poland has an immaculate scenery like nowhere else and its glorious…

PL9 Poland & The Baltic States Tour

23 days from Krakow to St Petersburg

Not too often are we presented with the opportunity to take part in an extensive adventure to discover the true nature of Eastern Europe, but now is…


More About Poland

Poland is a nation that dates from the 10th century and just as during its predominance in the 1500s it bore influence on the surrounding nations, their cultures and their civilizations, so too has Poland been influenced upon over the ages and incorporated aspects of other cultures into its own.

Of the 406 castles, 1,966 palaces and 2,749 historical manors boasted by Poland, many display characteristics not indigenous to the country itself, so travellers are greeted with robust Teutonic castles, intricate Italian Renaissance palaces and quaint French baroque country mansions along with the structures of purely Polish design. The country is home to 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which makes Poland sightseeing a great joy, but perhaps the most fascinating and well-known is Malbork Castle, the largest brick castle in Europe, a tour to which cannot fail to cast the travellerâ??s mind back into medieval times.



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