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HU1 Hungary Tour

9 days from Budapest to Budapest

One of the great capital cities of the modern world, Budapest, awaits our arrival on this outstanding nine-day tour through Hungary. An urban centre…

SL2 Slovak Republic & Hungary Tour

14 days from Bratislava to Budapest

What is better than experiencing Eastern Europe by enjoying a simple stroll along the winding streets of Slovakia's capital city, Bratislava,…

CE1 Cities Of Wonder Tour

15 days from Prague to Budapest

This remarkable 16-day tour of some of the most bewitching and memorable cities on the planet begins in the Czech Republic's capital city, Prague.…

CZ7 Czech Republic & Slovakia Tour

15 days from Prague to Budapest

A little over two weeks is the duration of this stimulating expedition in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and our time could not be better spent as…

HU2 Hungary & Romania Tour

16 days from Budapest to Bucharest

The capital city of Hungary is only the beginning of our journey throughout the heart of Eastern Europe and Budapest's three regions make for the…


More About Hungary

Over the years, the Hungarian territory we know now would fall to the hands of numerous influences. Years of war would create the need for many stone fortresses, which can be found all over the country. The gently rolling hills made the landscape easy for empires to strike, everyone from the Visigoths to the Ottomans, even the Mongols.

On Hungary tours, it is hard to pull oneself away from the capital Budapest. The capital is actually made up of three regions but named after two: Buda and Pest. Both facing the mighty Danube, the river forms the physical and spiritual centre of the Hungarian capital. It is its centrepiece, its heart, and its pulse. Its relationship with the city is even more intimate than that of the Seine with Paris or the Arno with Florence.

From the banks of the river, one can enjoy many of Budapest's most famous landmarks including the neo-Gothic Parliament building with its slender towers, spacious arcades, high windows and vast central dome.

Following WWII, where Hungary fought as part of the Axis of Powers and lost, Hungary was either a satellite of the Soviet Union, occupied by the Soviets or struggling with their communist state. It wasn't until 1990 that free and fair democratic elections took place, through a peaceful transition period.

The complicated history of the 20th century is still on display at many of the museums in Hungary, or in the sprawling Liberty Square (Szabadsag ter). In the square's center remains a gold hammer and sickle atop a white stone obelisk, one of the few monuments to the Russian 'liberation' of Budapest in 1945.

With communism firmly in the past, Hungary has seen a rise in culinary exuberance. While many believe that Hungary's food is one of the most sophisticated of Eastern Europe, the full bodied red wines of Egar and Villany are also worth noting.

Out of the capital, our Hungary tours take in the best of the countryside. The Tihany Peninsula is known for its historical monuments, beautiful panorama and its Mediterranean climate, as well as 18th century villas of Balatonfured near Lake Balaton, famous for the curing mineral waters.

Once home to many kings, any of our Hungary tours leads one to enjoy a wonderful array of architecture. From the medieval castles, to buildings influenced by baroque, neoclassical and art nouveau designs, to historic cathedrals, synagogues, mosques and fourth-century Christian necropolis like the UNESCO designated necropolis of Pecs, there are endless reasons to visit Hungary.



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