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CS1 Costa Rica Explorer Tour

11 days from San Jose to San Pedro Sula

Few destinations can come close to rivalling the splendour and diversity inherent in Costa Rica's natural environment and we explore every face of it…

GU7 Guatemala Tour

12 days from San Pedro Sula to Guatemala City

CS2 Costa Rica & Guatemala Tour

19 days from San Jose to Guatemala City

Arriving in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose puts us in prime position to explore one of the country's largest and most abundant national parks --…


More About Honduras

Second only to Nicaragua, Honduras is the largest country in Central America, and yet, with a mere five million inhabitants, it is also the least densely populated area on the continent.

The massive stretches of untouched, uninhabited and unexplored territory result in many visitors touring Honduras to consider it Central Americaâ??s best kept secret - that with its diversity of landscape, natural wonder and climate, the country warrants far greater recognition than it currently receives, and until it does, this magnificent tour destination and its wealth of alluring features will remain hidden to all but a select few.

Discover Honduras, a land of unique and varied topography, with its plethora of impressive, pine tree-scattered mountainous regions interspersed with lowland rainforests, jungle and desert spots; a land whose considerable topographical variance mirrors its climate, which ranges from subtropical to temperate. As a result, not only does a tour promise a wide choice of scenery, but it also means that travellers can vacation in the climate of their preference; sun-worshippers, for example, can bask in the Honduras warmth regardless of season, and with the choice of lazing near the lapping waters of the Caribbean Sea on the east coast, or reclining at the edge of the great blue of the Pacific Ocean on the west, any beach-enthusiast will find touring here the perfect holiday.



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