France Cultural Tours

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FR7 The Heart Of France Tour

11 days from Paris to Paris

This is a classic journey though the 'Heart of France', highlighting the cultural treasures of Paris, the compelling story of Normandy's infamous…

CRMA Adriatic & Mediterranean 'cruise & Tour'

17 days from Tirana to Nice

In 2009, Adventures Abroad acquired Roseway Travel to expand the range of destinations and travel styles that we are able to offer. Founded 36 years…

MCMS Microstates Of Europe Tour

20 days from Rome to Antwerp

Join us as we explore the unique culture, history and scenery of these fascinating corners of Europe. These less sizable nations tend to remain under…


More About France

Boasting an extraordinary wealth and diversity of natural and man-made attraction, an extensive history that gave rise to a fascinating contemporary culture and a prominent position on the world stage, it should not be surprising that France ranks number one worldwide in the league of most visited countries.

Few destinations can rival this large and highly developed European nation when it comes to meeting and exceeding traveller's needs and expectations: the sizeable landmass between its borders stretches through a multitude of terrains and climate zones, allowing for splendid, varied sceneries and a plethora of potential activities; as one of the oldest countries in Europe with its beginnings circa 486AD, it has long been embroiled in the affairs of the continent and today houses some of the most memorable historic sites of interest in the world; all the modern amenities are at the disposal of travellers; and its distinct culture and people only add to the country's allure.



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