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BS1 Baltic States & Helsinki Tour

9 days from Vilnius to Helsinki

Because Lithuania has been ruled by Sweden, Poland, France and Russia, we can see a variety of influence concerning the aesthetics of the capital…

BS2 Baltic States & Russia Tour

13 days from Vilnius to St Petersburg

This extensive 13-day exploration of the Baltic States and Russia is nothing short of a truly wonderful experience. Visit the chapel of Saint…

PL5 Poland & The Baltic States Tour

19 days from Krakow to Helsinki

Eastern Europe holds numerous rewards for anyone who is not shy of adventure. Poland has an immaculate scenery like nowhere else and its glorious…

PL9 Poland & The Baltic States Tour

23 days from Krakow to St Petersburg

Not too often are we presented with the opportunity to take part in an extensive adventure to discover the true nature of Eastern Europe, but now is…


More About Estonia

For a country that has seen so much invasion and subjugation so frequently from a multitude of foreign powers throughout its history, Estonia is in remarkably good shape. Time and again, Estonian borders have been traversed and most of its European neighbours have at one point or another attempted to conquer the Baltic nation with varying degrees of success. Scandinavian Vikings, Soviet Russians, Nazi Germans, Danes, Swedes, Poles and the Teutonic Knights are among the hosts of peoples who have ventured into Estonian territory over the ages, some holding dominion over the land and people for several centuries, and yet the independent Estonia of today displays very little physical scarring, considering its tumultuous history. In actual fact, parts of Estonia's urban and rural areas nowadays often gain worldwide recognition for being some of the best-preserved historic sites in Europe.



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