Bulgaria Cultural Tours

5 tours available

BU1 Bulgaria Tour

8 days from Sofia to Sofia

With a turbulent history that stretches back to the 7th century, a diverse topography of great beauty and an ever-welcoming people who are still in…

RO2 Romania & Bulgaria Tour

15 days from Bucharest to Sofia

This exciting 15-day adventure to explore the true faces of two countries that earn themselves worldwide acclaim for their beautiful natural…

HU3 Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

23 days from Budapest to Sofia

Budapest, Hungary, is the first port of call on this journey through the varied landscapes and cultures of these three highly rewarding Eastern…

SL4 Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

28 days from Bratislava to Sofia

Bounties in the Slovak Republic lie copious and abundant and we need the best part of a week to explore fully the historic, cultural and natural…

CZ5 Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Romania & Bulgaria Tour

35 days from Prague to Sofia

This epic, 35-day extravaganza of a tour is the ultimate showcase of the histories, cultures, landscapes and natures of these five exciting…


More About Bulgaria

The southeast European country of Bulgaria is often overlooked as a tour destination, as many travellers associate the entire Balkan region, including Bulgaria, with the unrest and violence that has permeated several of its countries’ histories.

Though modern-day Bulgaria itself seldom makes headlines in this context, it is a country whose allure is constantly overshadowed by the chronic trouble that sporadically rears its head in the Balkans and whose abundant treasures of scenery, culture and people remain under a perpetual shroud because of it.

Dating from the seventh century and taking its name from the Bulgars, who first settled in the region, Bulgaria is a nation with a long and proud heritage, much of which is yet evident in the customs and traditions of the people and from the architectural remnants of long ago that remain dotted about the landscape.

Reaching the pinnacle of its power and influence at the turn of the tenth century, Bulgaria declared war on the mighty Byzantine Empire in 924AD and was almost successful in achieving a victorious end, but was instead forced into subjugation, where it remained for more than a century and a half.



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