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As we at Adventures Abroad look forward to 2017, our 31st year of operation, we continue to pride ourselves on our adaptability and the high value we place on the feedback provided by our very special family of travellers. When we launched in 1987, from a home basement office and a 1×1 inch newspaper ad for a tour of Egypt, the concept of small group adventure travel was fresh and exciting. Gone were the days when your only group touring option involved 45 people on a bus touring ten countries in ten days—the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation was demanding something more personal, intimate, interactive, experiential, and environmentally sustainable.

It rapidly became a competitive marketplace as everyone jumped on the ‘adventure’ travel bandwagon. There were plenty of roadblocks—political unrest, terrorism, new infectious diseases, economic uncertainty—but the one thing that ensured our ongoing viability in an ever-changing world, was our intrepid clients and our ability to listen to adapt to their needs and wants.

Today, ‘small group’ travel is here to stay, and our commitment to providing meaningful, interactive, culturally and environmentally sensitive travel experiences is as strong as ever. For 2017 and beyond, we continue to respond to our travellers and the travel market environment—as part of this ongoing commitment, we are pleased to announce that from 2017 onward, our groups will be limited to a maximum of 18 participants.

All the more reason to book your next adventure as early as possible!

To mark our 30th anniversary, all tours that include Egypt have been discounted! Click here for the full listed of discounted tours, and watch this space for more anniversary specials and events throughout 2017.

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