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  • South Africa

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    Despite its designation as semi-arid when it comes to climate, there is a great deal of variation across the land. On one end of the spectrum, there are the dry deserts near Namibia, and on the other, there are the fertile subtropical areas near Mozambique and South Africa has just about every degree in between. The vast majority of the South African landmass is constituted of grassland and with its abundance of plant species (about 20,000 or more), the country houses around 10% of all the known plant species on the planet. This, along with the close to 900 species of bird, means that touring nature enthusiasts will particularly enjoy the bounties of South Africa.

    South Africa also has a lot to offer the sun-worshipper and the active holiday-maker.
    The 2,500km of coastline that skirts the Indian and Atlantic Oceans is a prime location for travellers looking to take it easy on the glistening white-sand beaches and for the more active traveller will be delighted to discover that the country’s reputation for housing some of the best wildlife parks in the world is no exaggeration. Kruger Park in particular is a destination not to be missed on a tour to South Africa.

    The most racially diverse country on the continent, South Africa is also a nation without a single, unified and defined culture. It is, rather, home to a broad variety of cultures and that is one reason that travellers find it so alluring. With 11 official languages, as well as a further eight recognized languages, and each group following traditions and customs unique to their ethnicity, South Africa has a cultural diversity that few destinations can match. Naturalists and botanists alike will be in their elements, what with South Africa housing about 10 per cent of all known plant species on the planet and sun-worshippers will be reluctant to leave the 2,500km white-sand coastline when it comes time to journey home.

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