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UG1 13 Day Uganda Tour & Rwanda

13 days from Entebbe to Kigali

The outstanding natural beauty and diversity of landscape in Uganda has long served as focal point of inspiration for travellers, and features…

RW1 14 Day Rwanda Travel & Kenya Tour

14 days from Kigali to Nairobi

The initial portion of our Rwanda & Kenya Tour, an exciting adventure through two highly rewarding East African destinations, finds us roaming…

RW2 20 Day Kenya Tour & Tanzania

20 days from Kigali to Arusha

Sign up for this wondrous Kenya & Tanzania Tour (as well as Rwanda) and be treated to once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing opportunities the likes of…

UG2 21 Day Uganda Tour, Rwanda & Kenya

21 days from Entebbe to Nairobi

No longer a country plagued by civil war and unrest, Uganda has recently come to enjoy a period of relative political, economic and social stability.…

RW3 25 Day Kenya Tour & Tanzania

25 days from Kigali to Zanzibar

This unbelievable Kenya & Tanzania Tour through four world-class destinations (includes Rwanda and Zanzibar) combines stunning sceneries,…

UG3 27 Day Uganda Tour, Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania

27 days from Entebbe to Arusha

Uganda, a country that has been striving to put its troubled past firmly behind it, has recently been emerging as one of Africa's most exciting and…

UG4 32 Day Rwanda Travel Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania Tour

32 days from Entebbe to Zanzibar

Experience the great diversity of East Africa on this mammoth, month-long Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania Tour through four incredible countries and…


More About Rwanda

A country full of natural wonders and incredible experiences, Rwanda tour packages offer the chance of a lifetime to trek face to face with gorillas but also so much more. With a backdrop of unspoilt and dense rainforests that spread across the Virunga Mountains, which have a range of six extinct and three active volcanoes that straddle the border with Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Beyond the forests, are lively villages, tranquil lakes, and big game filled grassland savannahs.

Many who arrive in Africa come in search of big game. Rwanda tour packages offer the chance to come face to face with the largest primates on earth, the mountain gorilla. With an adult male silverback weighing in at 200kg (440lbs), it is an exhilarating meeting.

Our Rwanda tour packages offer the chance to trek to a habituated gorilla grouping, however, these animals are far from tame and are completely wild. Being used to humans, most gorillas will continue on with their day by feeding or interacting with one another, however, it is not uncommon for a young and inquisitive primate to approach our groups or witness the babies interact and play with each other.

Approached by foot only, our groups will trek in the higher slopes of the Virguna mountains as the gorillas are found between 2,300m and 4,500m (7,500ft to 14,700ft). Dense forests and caldera views greet trekkers on their journey through the beautiful terraced hillsides that characterize much of Rwanda's landscape.

Ecodiversity in Rwanda stretches far beyond the gorilla trekking zone with its bamboo forest interspersed with alpine moorland, grassland and marsh. Our tours visit two scenic lakes usually referred to as the twin lakes; Lake Burera and Lake Ruhondo, which are fed by rivers and a lake in Uganda. The twin lakes area is very scenic, with steep and intensively farmed hills surrounding the pristine dark blue waters.

Our tours finish with a visit to the lively capital of Kigali, where a visit would not be complete without a stop at the Genocide Museum. It is moving and important in understanding the sheer courage and resilience of this beautiful, tiny nation during the 1990s and beyond.

Rwanda tour packages are a chance to enjoy a small group setting with logistics carefully managed and itineraries thoughtfully laid out. Our professional local guides and tour leaders ensure the culture is brought to life while always remaining friendly and approachable.

Small groups mean you'll be able to hear the guide clearly and ask questions when needed. It also allows us to travel in a sustainable way, with the ability to get off the beaten track and explore lesser known areas of the continent not accessible to the individual traveller. Groups are filled with intrepid lifelong learners with a passion for travel and often reflect how personalized our journeys feel.

Accommodations are well appointed and well located. Our no-shopping policy means that time isn't wasted in high-pressure sales environments, but we still include unique markets that are culturally relevant and interesting so as you can understand the fundamentals of how locals live and trade.


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