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PS1 Portugal Tour

8 days from Lisbon to Porto

The country of Portugal seems vast in so many respects; such is evident in the copious amounts of ancient structures that are located along the…

PS2 Northern Spain & Portugal Tour

16 days from Lisbon to Barcelona

Across the sun-drenched Iberian Peninsula are two countries with a soul and history that go hand in hand. Our Northern Spain and Portugal tours…

MCPO Portugal Tour

19 days from Porto to Ponta Delgada

On this Portugal tour we will travel from north to south and uncover a dazzling mix of Roman, Moorish, and Baroque architecture along the way.…

PS3 Portugal & Spain Tour

25 days from Lisbon to Sevilla

On this Portugal & Spain tour we see how referring to history as existing in a series of layers can be an analogy taken quite literally when we see…

PS4 Portugal, Spain & Morocco Tour

33 days from Lisbon to Casablanca

Our Portugal, Spain and Morocco tour is one solid 32-day adventure that will leave us with a stronger desire to expose ourselves to more worldly…

PS5 Portugal, Spain & Morocco Tour

39 days from Lisbon to Marrakech

If we are to conjure up images of Portugal, we might picture white-stone balconies supporting various arrangements of flower pots. When thinking…


More About Portugal

On the far western reaches of Europe, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain, the tiny country on the Iberian Peninsula offers far more than meets the eye. What was once a powerhouse in medieval Europe, exploring the world from America to Asia, has created a treasure trove of historical and cultural curiosities worthy of discovering. Portugal tours offer a chance to see the might of a small country's history alongside the relaxed attitude of its present state.

Despite being located in a remote corner of Europe, the Celts, Romans, Visigoths, Moors and Christians have all at one time ruled this tiny nation. Before them, Portugal has been inhabited since neolithic times with ancient stone carvings dating back 20,000 years. Many Roman sites have been discovered across the country, with Porto itself was once an outpost for the empire with a specialty in commercial trade. However, it was the establishment of Christianity which has been the Roman's longest lasting mark on Portugal.

Perhaps there is no better place to experience the religion's following than that at Fatima, the well-known Roman Catholic Marian shrine. It is at the Basilica and the Chapel of Apparitions that marks the spot where the three shepherd children had visions in 1917. However, for sheer volume of churches, our Portugal tours stop in Braga, a city famous for its churches with the last count surpassing 300. As the religious centre of Portugal, Braga boasts the highest number of churches per capita in Christendom.

Portugal is also home to medieval marvels, with castles and cobblestone streets found across the country. Our Portugal tours start in Lisbon, an enticing tangle of past and present with over 20 centuries of history. Medieval churches sit next to gothic buildings adorned with glazed tiles (azulejos) make up the signature style of Portugal. The cultural diversity of the city began far beyond the success of the Moors in 1147, however, the old quarter of the city complete with Fado bars remain laid back and diverse in its population make up.

Fado has been known to be in Lisbon since 19th century, however origins are likely to be older than that. The music is known for its connection to the maritime working class, years after Portugal was Europe's largest overseas empire. The music is a melancholy yearning for better days. Folklore across Portugal is still thriving, as is the arts and culinary scene. One of Portugal's most recognizable exports continues to be the Port wine developed in the Douro region near Porto. The Douro Valley is the world's first demarcated wine region, established in 1756.

Beyond the cities and towns, lies a beautiful landscape with 800 km of coastline plunging off dramatic cliffs and lapping along sleeping fishing villages. Villages inland are surrounded by refuges of cypress groves and cork trees, with a backdrop of rocky granite outcrops. Across from the mainland, the islands of the Azores sits in the Atlantic with blue and green crater lakes found inside volcanic caldera lakes such as Lagoa das Sete Cidades which is one of the great natural wonders of the Azores archipelago. Nearly five km long and 2 km wide, it is surrounded by an emerald mantle of rolling hills and lush vegetation.

Portugal is a place of wonder, from the cobblestone streets in medieval cities to the far flung islands found in the Atlantic. Find out why Portugal should be added to your must see list.


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