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XNZ Tramping In New Zealand Tour

12 days from Queenstown to Christchurch

What a stunning addition to our popular series of active adventures! True to our overall concept with respect to our "X"-coded tours, this one…

NZ1 New Zealand Tour

15 days from Auckland to Christchurch

New Zealand is one of the most popular locations for tourists from all over the world and after you step outside off the plane, you will quickly…

AU4 Australia & New Zealand Tour

17 days from Sydney to Queenstown

This is an excellent alternative to our much longer combination of Australia & New Zealand tour, covering the main highlights of both in an…

MCUP Untouched Pacific Islands Tour

19 days from Honolulu to Auckland

When it comes to tourism, there are always those countries that get most of the fame. There are those destinations that top the list of the 'most…

AU2 Australia And New Zealand Tours

31 days from Melbourne to Christchurch

Australia and New Zealand Tours: lands of awe-inspiring vastness and incredible natural beauty, Australia and New Zealand are the consummate outsider…


More About New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of natural splendour whose wide range of astoundingly scenic landscapes are often the backdrop to countless television programs and major motion pictures alike, New Zealand stands in isolation in the south west regions of the Pacific Ocean.

It is understandable why the country is so often a director's location of choice, as not only does New Zealand offer a multitude of vastly different panoramas from the immense snow-capped peaks of the mountainous areas to the extensive stretches of undisturbed golden beaches but so too are its natural spectacles unsurpassed in size or grandeur by any other country on the planet. New Zealand is definitely a land of outdoor activity, as to stay indoors is to sacrifice the opportunity to see the many wonders of the natural world at their finest.

Constituted of two islands, the North Island and the South Island, along with a multitude of smaller islands, New Zealand is geographically slightly bigger than the UK, though it houses less than one tenth the number of the UK's population. One of the world's most recently populated major landmasses, the country owes its great diversity and uniqueness of flora and fauna to its long seclusion and today, over a quarter of the nation is protected territory.


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